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With Speedy Freight’s car transportation service, we will transport your vehicle safely and efficiently to your chosen destination. Our friendly, professional team of drivers are here to help – no matter when or where you need them.

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Car Transportation Service

When you need vehicle transport… safely, securely, and on time.

Our car transport service has been carefully designed to offer safe, efficient vehicle transportation for all our customers  – whether you’re operating within the industry or simply a customer purchasing a car over the internet for the first time. Our dedicated team of drivers is able to transport your vehicle safely and easily to your chosen destination, at any time you need them to be there.

What is car transportation?


Car transportation is a method of safely transporting vehicles between points. From day-to-day industry operations to a carefully-planned out personal transaction, there are a huge number of reasons that you may need to move vehicles from one location to another – and the new location may not necessarily be down the road! Our car transport service allows Speedy Freight to assist in the movement of your vehicle from one place – or country – to another, whether that’s in your capacity as a company in the industry, or an individual owning private vehicles.

Speedy Freight’s expert drivers are able to move your vehicle in our dedicated car and motorcycle transport service to your chosen destination, just when you need it. Often, it can be complicated to transport your vehicle safely and efficiently to your chosen destination.

Whether you have work commitments, family commitments or you’re simply unable to move your vehicle yourself, we at Speedy Freight understand that it’s not always possible to transport a vehicle yourself. Our friendly and professional team are here to help: dedicated, expert drivers, in over 60 locations, who are contactable 24/7, 365 to help move your vehicle.


How Much Does Car Transportation Cost?

Car transportation costs vary depending on the type of car and quantity of vehicles. There’s also the distance of journey to consider. As such, there’s no concrete answer with regards to car transportation costs. However, our experts work to keep costs as low as possible, ensuring you receive plenty of bang for your buck. Contact us today for further information.

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Whether you are a motor trade professional or purchasing your first ever car, we know that there are a huge range of industries that our clients might need a car moving or motorcycle transport service. We cover everything from classic car transportation to smaller vehicles.


Motor Trade Professionals

Motor trade professionals like car dealership franchises, car manufacturers, classic car specialists, and more often need to transport vehicles from one dealership or end of the country to another. Speedy Freight can transport new vehicles with security and in a timely manner.

Private Clients

Speedy’s car transporting service is also ideally-suited for private owners looking to purchase a car either online or from industry publications, but who may not necessarily live near the showroom or sale site and need their new car delivered.

Whichever type of client you are, getting car transportation quotes couldn’t be easier. Contact our team today.

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Speedy Freight delivers new cars directly from the factory, franchise dealers or auction houses, to the new owners and keepers and also to vehicle hire companies. For new vehicles, our teams can provide a comprehensive handover service.

Our delivery expert handover can include a demonstration of the key vehicle features and how to operate the vehicles.


Touring Caravans

Speedy Freight additionally offers our clients touring caravans for hire as part of our car transport service. To learn more about our touring caravan hire service, contact our dedicated team.

Other Speedy Services


Looking for our standard courier services? Speedy Freight offers a range of specialised courier services, from same-day courier services to supporting your fleet as your third-party provider. Our expertise ranges from manufacturing to construction to marketing and events, so you know you’re in good hands. With over 60 branches nationwide, our drivers can move goods all around the UK, as well as internationally – moving goods to and from Europe. To get a quote on any of our courier services, please contact your local branch.

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