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UK in Need of Courier Support For Double Peak Trading Season

25th November 2022 | by Aimee Spilsbury

UK Courier Support for Double Peak Trading Season.

For the first time ever, the build up to Christmas and a certain football tournament are happening at the same time. It’s a unique situation that has been dubbed ‘double peak trading season’, specifically for Fast Moving Consumer Goods Companies (FMCGs) and electrical retailers.


Amid an anticipated increase in customer demand in the build up to Christmas and throughout the current football tournament, UK businesses find themselves in need of greater courier support. What factors are driving this need, and how can Speedy Freight help?


Fast moving consumer goods companies


According to the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB), the football event in Qatar represents a boost for fast moving consumer goods. More people are expected to watch the 2022 football tournament from home.


As such, food manufacturers could see a spike in demand from supermarkets to stock shelves with fast moving consumer goods.


Based on an anticipated demand across the food manufacturing industry, an article in the Retail Gazette claims that supermarkets will be the ‘big winners’ from the football tournament


Simon Roberts, the CEO of one of Britain’s biggest supermarket chains, said: “We think people will spend more time at home watching matches, given the timing of the games. It’s all about helping people have a good time at home watching the game, with great value food from us.”


Retailers will benefit


Aside from the build up to Christmas, the football event in Qatar also crosses over with Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


The Retail Gazette report predicts that retailers also stand to benefit from double peak trading season, especially with the tournament in Qatar in full swing.


Electrical retailers in particular are expected to see bumper sales in the build up to Christmas, across Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and during the football tournament in Qatar


Football tournament driving demand for TVs


…In fact, according to data released by online marketplace OnBuy, the sale of televisions ahead of the football event in Qatar skyrocketed. Figures show that the sale of home cinema systems surged by a whopping 1769% a week before the tournament.


The Retail Gazette report states that ‘retail bosses are expecting shoppers to shun the pub in favour of watching matches at home’.


This could explain the surge in TV sales, which is further backed up by television manufacturer TCL, which states that 86% of Europeans will watch the tournament at home, following a survey conducted across several countries in Europe - including the UK, Spain, and France.


The same survey found that 8% of respondents would be buying a new TV specifically for watching football matches in Qatar.


Increase in British exports


According to a UK Department for International Trade (DfT) press release, the tournament in Qatar in particular is set to drive £1.5 billion in British exports


Ahead of the event in Qatar, the DfT said it had already helped British businesses secure £940 million in tournament-related exports, while a further £500 million is expected to be secured during the football competition.


Construction companies, print and media firms, pharmaceutical companies, supply chain management providers and more have landed lucrative export contracts.


The Need for Courier Support During Double Peak Trading Season


The movement of goods in the build up to Christmas, factoring in Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the football tournament in Qatar, means that the demand for courier support, including same day delivery, is set to surge in order to manage business logistics.


A key factor in the drive for increased demand is planned strike action across the logistics industry as Christmas approaches.


Nationwide strikes mean that FMCG, retail and other industry supply chains will be heavily affected, while exports could also be impacted.


It’s hardly the scenario for businesses in need of double peak season support and those changing contracts because of union action. 


That’s where Speedy Freight can step in.


Courier Support for FMCG Companies


Offering express and same day temperature controlled courier solutions, our nationwide courier network can support food manufacturers.


We can collect and deliver consumer packaged and non-durable household goods to any location, supporting double peak season demand and ensuring that consignments arrive where they need to be on time, every time.


Double Peak Trading Support for Retailers


We are the retail courier of choice for many of Britain’s biggest retailers and local chains.


Where there’s high demand for goods, we can collect and deliver - in most cases, on the same day.


Whether it’s transporting TVs from manufacturers to retail outlets and warehouses, or delivering direct to consumers, we can provide retailers with the double peak business logistics support they need.


Export Support


With a number of ports set to strike in the build-up to Christmas and throughout the football event in Qatar, alternative export routes are a top priority for UK exporters.


Our nationwide courier network can quickly collect and deliver goods to alternative ports to ensure that goods can be shipped overseas with minimal delays.


We provide dedicated courier services for a wide range of industry sectors to support the movement of consignments, even amid widespread logistics industry strikes.


Specialists in the Unexpected


Against a backdrop of a double peak trading season and industrial strike action, you need a nationwide courier solution that can take command of your business logistics and execute delivery when all else seems chaotic.


Speedy Freight is always prepared for the unexpected. It’s what we specialise in. Whether it’s a sudden surge in demand or logistics industry strikes, we can scale-up our courier services to carry the load and lighten yours. 


For the double peak trading season support you need, reach out to your nearest Speedy Freight branch, now.

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