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Our successfully structured, low-risk, high-return business model is proven to achieve maximum profit with minimum overhead costs.*


Just Like Speedy Freight


Your next chapter as a Speedy Freight Franchisee, deserves to be in an industry which isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.


The UK Same Day Delivery market is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of more than 4.5% from 2022 to 2027.


 Transport and Storage is currently the fastest growing industry in the UK and the Courier and Express Delivery market is forecast to grow to £18.5 billion by 2026.


The great news, is that Speedy Freight hold a strong position in this space.


Information taken from the 2018 bfa NatWest Franchise Survey


Our Franchises can scale up without significantly increasing costs

and have low overheads for the following reasons:


The Speedy Freight Franchise offers both virgin and resale businesses within the UK Same Day and Express Freight industry, each with their own exclusive  marketing territory, defined by postcode.


  Our rigorous training program, supportive onboarding, peer assistance (including the Franchise Representative Council) and straightforward sales process, combined with a high proportion of return business, ensure fast business growth is easily achievable from day one.


We see hardworking, dedicated Franchisees typically recoup the cost of investment in year one and see a profit from month one*.


Discover why three Franchisees made the decision to join the Speedy Freight family

Same day courier

Damian Pacitti

Franchisee Since: 2014

Previous Role: 20+ years in the
Hospitality industry

“I investigated several different franchises before I settled with Speedy Freight as I felt the company was the right “fit” for me. As a Franchisee, I work for myself and create jobs and opportunities for others. I wish I’d tried this earlier in my career!”

Same day courier

Simon Chorlton
Doncaster, Hull and York

Franchisee Since: 2016

Previous Role: 27 years in the
Royal Air Force

“When I saw an opportunity to own a management Franchise with Speedy Freight, I decided to go for it. It was an enormous step for me to take, but being my own boss, with support as and when I required it, was the perfect mix for me and I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Same day courier

Noel Goreham

Franchisee Since: 2023

Previous Role: Househusband

“I don’t have any logistics experience and found out about the opportunity from a current Franchisee. I was attracted to the opportunity because of the potential to make money in a fast paced environment. The whole onboarding process has been very professional and thorough.”

Speedy Freight Franchise FAQs Speedy Freight Franchise FAQs

  • How much does a Speedy Freight Franchise cost?

    The minimum investment of a Speedy Freight Franchise is £** + VAT. The financial aspects of a Speedy Freight franchise will be discussed further with you during your application discussions.
  • Can Speedy Freight support my funding application?

    If you require funding, Speedy Freight will provide support in making applications to your potential lenders. As a Franchisee, you would typically need between 40% and 50% of the asking price as unencumbered funds. Lenders will typically lend the remaining balance over the initial term of the first franchise agreement, which is 5 years. Access to working capital would also be a big bonus.
  • Do I need a background in transport and or logistics?

    No, you don’t need experience in the courier, delivery or logistics industries. All you need is a willingness to learn and adhere to the company’s business model.
  • What skills and attributes are you looking for in a Franchisee?

    We’re looking for ambitious individuals with an aptitude for business who understand and can demonstrate focus on great customer service, the ability to lead, manage and motivate a small team, the desire to work to a proven business model, and an appetite and ability to promote the brand and their branch in their local area.
  • What’s the earning potential whilst I’m in the model?

    Our Franchisees can anticipate a gross annual profit of £**K in the first year, £**K in year two and in excess of £**K in year thereafter. However, the amount you earn is dependent on your performance of Franchise sales.
  • What will the Franchise be worth when I want to sell?

  • How many members of staff do I need to employ straight away?

    Ideally, you would start trading as a team of 2 with a Business Development Manager and a Customer Service Advisor. Depending on your background, you would then determine from your skillset which role would suit you best and which to recruit for.
  • Can I be a joint partner Franchisee?

    Yes. Speedy Freight have many joint partnership Franchisees, which can save on costs for your first employee. Each request is taken on its own merit.
  • How much time am I expected to dedicate to my Franchise?

  • Is income guaranteed?

    As with any business, income is not guaranteed as it depends on several factors, including, and not limited to, the amount and quality of work the Franchisee puts in and whether they follow the business model.
  • How soon will I start making money?

    Most Franchisees should see income and growth from their first week of operation.
  • Will I be able to get an area of my choice?

    This will depend on the franchise opportunities available at the time you express your interest. We are happy to add you to a waitlist and contact you if an area you are interested in becomes available.
  • Am I required to pay a franchise fee?

    Yes, there is a royalty fee that you are required to pay, which covers the back-office administrative assistance and services you receive.

Next Steps

If “Speedy Freight Franchisee” could be
your next career move, read on.

On average the full process, from application to trading, takes as little as four months
from beginning to end if funding is required.

Step 1

Submit your Expression of Interest application form.

The Franchise team will organise an initial telephone call, to determine if you’re the right fit for Speedy Freight and vice versa.

Step 2

Following a successful call, submit a formal application and your CV.

Based on a positive outcome, sign and return an NDA.

Step 3

Experience a “Discovery Day” at our Support Centre in Knutsford, Cheshire.

Apply for funding (if required), sign your agreement, embark on your training and finally, start trading.

If a Franchise opportunity isn’t available at the time you register your interest, we will add your application to our waitlist and contact you as soon as an opportunity becomes available.


Contact [email protected] if you have any questions, or are looking for more information, regarding a Speedy Freight Franchise opportunity.

*This figure is reliant on the Franchise performance
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