Full Day And Half Day Rates

Timing is everything – navigate life’s little obstacles with our half and full day rates. Choose our flexible logistics solution which applies to a full range of specialist vehicles.

Full Day And Half Day Delivery Rates

As a complete logistics provider, we offer rates and service which cater to all requirements. As well as set collections or pre-booked same day deliveries, sometimes your business may need a vehicle for a fixed period of time. Our full day and half day delivery rates are the ideal option when you need more than a collection and drop off. This service allocates you with a specialist vehicle for a pre-determined period of time. Get in touch today to discuss your specific requirements further.

What Are Full Day And Half Day Rates?

Full day and half day rates offer access to our comprehensive fleet of vehicles. Ranging from small vans to full size artics, this service powers the delivery requirements of business with multiple sites in the vicinity, maximising efficiency in the process. What’s more, half and full day rates facilitate multi-drop deliveries to further heighten proficiency of your operation.

We provide half day and full day driver and vehicle services, temporarily allocating a dedicated vehicle and driver to your business for as long as you require them. Meticulous in approach, our expert team work alongside you to ensure no time is wasted and you’re receiving the most suitable and affordable logistics solution for your needs.

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What Are The Benefits Of Full And Half Day Rates?

Full and half day rates offer the dual benefit of efficiency and flexibility. The service revolves around the exact needs of your business. No matter how big or small the request may be, you’ll receive a suitable vehicle and driver to get the job done to your satisfaction. Full day and half day rates offer flexibility and personalisation in abundance.

Offering full and half day rates for logistics also opens up a cost-effective solution to ad hoc and complex demands. They’re equally suitable for time-critical, urgent consignments as they are for regular drop offs, coming at a much lower cost than running your own fleet. Take advantage of our logistics network with these fantastic full and half day rates.

Those who fulfil night deliveries can also benefit from this service. With a standard mileage range in place, companies can hire a vehicle through Speedy Freight to run out of usual business hours. Similarly, you could use a half day rate to delivery to multiple destinations from a single vehicle during any time you specify. This is appealing to retail and e-commerce companies who offer off-peak deliveries to their customers.

Do I Need A Full Or Half Day Rate?

Day rates are based on providing both a specialist vehicle and driver to your business for a full day. The rate itself will be dependent on the type of vehicle you need and any other specific requirements. A half day rate is ideal for those who require the vehicle for a lesser period of time. These rates provide you with a professional, bespoke service for a fraction of the cost.

Which Industries Use This Service

All industries looking for a bespoke logistics solution can benefit from full day and half day rates. It’s a useful option for those who require multi-drop services, making it a particularly popular choice among e-commerce and retail clients. At the same time, however, there’s a wide range of industries where full or half day rates are applicable. Contact us today to discuss whether this logistics option is right for you.

How To Book Full Or Half Day Rates With Speedy Freight

Each booking at Speedy Freight starts with a conversation with one of our logistics experts. We have branches dotted up and down the country. Find your local branch and get in touch with our dedicated team who will walk you through each step of the booking. Once we have an understanding of your specific requirements, we’ll provide the ideal solution that you need.

To find out more about our full logistics services, head over to our case studies. For any further information, feel free to contact us at any time. We’re there, 24/7 365 day a year.

Local to you

Our regional offices provide national coverage and tailor-made local services.

Need a last minute logistics solution?

We offer full day and half day rates regardless of how last minute the requests come in. We’re not known as the same day delivery experts for no reason – we can have a vehicle of your choosing with you on the day of booking. Come to us with your problems and we’ll present a suitable solution.

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