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How Does Speedy Parcels Work?

11th June 2024 | by Sam Nardi

How Does Speedy Parcels Work? Speedy Freight Parcel Delivery
Speedy Parcels offers a streamlined solution for managing your delivery process from start to finish. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how Speedy Parcels works to ensure your goods are delivered promptly and accurately to your customers. 


How Does Speedy Parcels Work?


1. Upload Your Delivery Data

The first step in using Speedy Parcels is to upload your customer delivery data into the Speedy Parcels customer portal.  

Generate Labels: Once the data is uploaded, the portal generates shipping labels for each parcel. These labels contain all necessary information for tracking and delivery, ensuring that each package is correctly routed. 

2. Print and Prepare Your Parcels

After generating the labels, you print them out and affix them to your parcels so they can be tracked throughout the delivery process.

3. We Collect

After your parcels are prepared and labeled, Speedy Parcels arranges for the collection of your packages. Our drivers collect your goods on dedicated Speedy Freight vehicles to ensure the safety of your parcels. 

Scheduled Collection: Speedy Parcels will schedule a pickup time that fits your business needs. Our flexible collection times ensure that your operations are not disrupted, and parcels are collected on time, in accordance with your schedule. 

4. Transportation to Depot

The collected parcels are then transported to your chosen carrier’s central hub where they can be further processed.

5. Sort It

At our partner depot, your parcels are sorted and prepared for further transportation. 

Sorting Process: The partner depot uses advanced sorting systems to organise parcels based on their destinations. This ensures that each parcel is routed correctly and efficiently to the next stage of its journey. 

6. Transport to Local Depots

Once sorted, parcels are transported to local depots closer to their final destinations. This regional distribution helps speed up the delivery process and reduces the chances of delays.

7. They’ve Got It

Your chosen carrier will take charge of your parcels at this point. 

Carrier Notification: Speedy Parcels ensures that you are informed when the carrier receives your parcels. This step provides transparency and peace of mind, knowing that your packages are in the hands of one of our trusted delivery partners. 

Tracking Information: You will receive tracking information that allows you to monitor the progress of your parcels as they move through the carrier’s network. This is particularly useful for keeping your customers informed about the status of their deliveries. 

8. Out for Delivery

The designated delivery partner takes the parcels from the local depots and prepares them for final delivery. 

Route Planning: The delivery partner plans the most efficient routes to ensure timely delivery. This involves considering factors like traffic, distance, and delivery priority. 

Customer Notification: If you’ve opted for it, customers will receive notifications that their parcel is out for delivery. This can be via SMS or email, providing them with an estimated delivery window. 

9. Successfully Delivered

The final step is the confirmation of delivery. 

Delivery Confirmation: Once the parcel is delivered, the provider will confirm the successful delivery. This confirmation can be sent via SMS or email, depending on the preferences set by you or your customer. 

Proof of Delivery: The delivery confirmation will include proof of delivery, such as a photo or the recipient’s signature. This adds an extra layer of assurance that the parcel has reached the right person. 


Benefits of Using Speedy Parcels 


Speedy Parcels offers several benefits that make us an ideal choice for businesses big and small:


  • Credit Account: Simplify your billing process with a convenient credit account. 
  • Collection Times to Suit Your Business: Schedule collections at times that work best for you with our flexible collection times. 
  • Label Print Facility: Easily print labels directly from the portal. 
  • Flexible Multi-Carrier Options: We select the best carrier for your products, for each delivery, ensuring optimal service every time. 
  • 7-Day Delivery Option Available: Offer your customers the convenience of weekend deliveries. 
  • Webstore Integration: Seamlessly integrate Speedy Parcels with your online store and ecommerce platform for automated order processing. 
  • Simple IT System for Single Consignments or Bulk Uploads: Manage deliveries efficiently, whether for single orders or bulk shipments. 
  • Carriage on Shared or Dedicated Vehicles: Choose between cost-effective shared transport or dedicated Speedy Freight vehicles for your direct same day deliveries. 
  • Parcels of Any Size Accepted: Send parcels of any size with ease, including oversized parcels and those of irregular dimensions and weight.  


Get in Touch for a Parcels Logistics Consultation 


Speedy Parcels provides a comprehensive and efficient solution for managing parcel deliveries. By integrating data upload, collection, sorting, carrier management, and delivery confirmation, Speedy Parcels ensures that your goods are delivered accurately and on time. This step-by-step approach not only streamlines your logistics but also enhances customer satisfaction by providing a reliable and transparent delivery service. 

Interested in partnering with Speedy Parcels for your parcel deliveries or consolidating your logistics with Speedy Freight and Speedy Parcels? 


Contact our Speedy Parcels team. 

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