Temperature Controlled Delivery Services

Need to move temperature-sensitive goods? Our temperature controlled vehicles ensure you don’t get burnt. Feel the chill and hit ambient, frozen or cold conditions with our dual-temperature vans.

Multi-Temperature Delivery Services

Speedy Freight are proud to offer an integrated temperature controlled courier service. With a fleet of innovative dual-temperature vehicles on hand, we can move your goods on time and at the required temperature. Our state of the art equipment and unparalleled network of contacts allows us to offer reliable chilled distribution and courier services to all industries, all while providing a dedicated, personalised service.

For urgent chilled supplies or last minute crisis management, Speedy Freight has the solution you need. Our multi-temp delivery service has dealt with everything from food to medical supplies, providing same day delivery when called upon. Critical goods will be in safe hands when you choose our dedicated and experienced temperature controlled delivery team. For any questions or to receive a quote, contact our multi-temp experts today.

What Are Temperature Controlled Vehicles?

Temperature controlled vehicles are vans and trucks which are designed to move temperature-critical cargo. Our multi-temperature vehicles have the capability of running two separate conditions at once, allowing you to shift both frozen and chilled stock at the same time. Temperature control is of particular importance for goods where monitoring is legally mandated. With these vehicles, you can rest assured that products or supplies remain in a safe or consumable condition during transit.

Multi-temperature vehicles preserve and retain sensitive products, keeping them at the exact temperature they need to be regardless of journey length. This innovation has changed the face of perishable product delivery, immeasurably helping businesses to preserve a consistent supply chain. With our speedy service, it can also be used for emergency crisis management, as our temperature controlled units can be with you on the day of booking.

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Multi-Temp Vehicle Specifications

Multi-temperature vehicles come in a range of sizes depending on the task at hand. We work closely with our extensive network to source solutions tailored to your needs. The below multi-temp specifications are indicative of what you can expect to receive;

  • Chilled temperature: 0 degrees to 20 degrees
  • Frozen temperature: -18 degrees
  • Ambient temperature setting available
  • Can be single or dual compartment
  • Real time temperature tracking at the touch of a button

How Do Multi-Temperature Vans Work?

Our multi-temperature vans work on a dual-temperature functionality. This innovative feature is achieved using a partition in the middle on the vehicle which separates two different sections. Each section is then temperature controlled with the capability to hit ambient, chilled, or frozen temperatures.

Multi-temperature vehicles, such as our 18-tonne trucks, offer the benefits of a refrigerated vehicle and freezer trucks all at the same time. Temperatures can be effortlessly tracked, conforming to industry regulations during the journey. You can choose between a single temperature or two temperatures at once depending on the type of goods you’re moving.

Which Industries Use Temperature Controlled Vehicles?

Many businesses depend on multi-temperature vehicles to safely move their goods. These specialist vehicles are designed to hold temperature-sensitive stock at a safe state until they reach their destination. Industries such as medical and pharmaceutical rely heavily on this service. Many medicines need to be kept in a chilled environment with temperature dips compromising quality. The reliability of our multi-temp vans makes them suitable for shipping this sensitive stock.

Food companies and caterers also require temperature controlled vehicles. Speedy Freight have extensive experience working alongside leaders in this industry to get fresh and frozen ingredients to their branches in timely fashion. Meats and dairy products in particular need specialised cool vans to remain safe to eat. Our dual-temperature vans create secure environments for all form of consumable products.

Temperature control also applies to florists and plant delivery services. Fresh flowers take a matter of hours to wilt when kept at incorrect temperatures. As such, moving flowers and plants up and down the country requires specialist vehicles with temperature control.

How Long Do Multi-Temp Collections Take?

We aim to get our multi-temp deliveries moving as quickly as you need. Of course, journey duration can vary depending on the type of job. However, we have plenty of experience in moving temperature-controlled goods on the day of booking. We can also work with you to plan repeat multi-temp deliveries out in advance, so you have steady stock coming in as and when you need it.

Why Choose Speedy Freights Refrigerated Courier Service

Our temperature controlled courier service draws on core values of reliability, efficiency, and value for money. From short distance trips to the length and breadth of the country, Speedy Freight are a logistics provider you can rely on. Our state-of-the-art multi-temp vehicles are ready to go when you are. To find out more about the great work we do, head over to our case studies. If you’d like to press on with a quote or receive any further information, contact us today.

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Need Fast Ambient, Chilled, Or Frozen Delivery?

Whichever condition your goods need to travel in, our multi-temperature logistics solutions will fit the bill. We’re the same day delivery experts for a reason – we know how to move your goods from point A to point B as efficiently as possible. Trust in our temperature controlled courier service to get your fragile and sensitive goods on the road.

Contact us today for a quote or discuss our temperature controlled vehicle options in greater detail with a dedicated expert.

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