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A Guide To Warehousing With Francesca Hughes

Warehousing is a hot commodity in the world of logistics. Helping everyone from SME’s to e-commerce enterprises promote and adapt with growth, temporary warehousing solutions provide a central hub for stock without the need to purchase space yourself.

More than just a same day delivery provider, Speedy Freight are delighted to offer warehousing as one of our many logistics services.

Our Graduate Management Trainee and resident warehousing expert Francesca Hughes gave us the lowdown on this service and why it could well be the launchpad to success that your business needs.


What Does Speedy Freights Warehousing Service Entail?

Where to start! We support our clients through every step of the operation, it’s a truly comprehensive and bespoke service. We allow you to be as hands on as you want to be, but we can really take the strain away. To split into three sections, we can provide storage and stock takes, picking and packing as well as dispatch and distribution.

You’ll receive an innovative warehouse management system to support and optimise the operation. These aren’t necessarily a one size fits all piece of technology, but we work with the client to give them everything they require from their WMS. One thing they will receive as standard, however, is inventory management. This provides a real time of stock levels, great for forecasting and projections ahead of putting stock orders in.

What Are The Benefits Of Choosing A Warehousing Service?

Again, there’s plenty. Efficiency is probably one of the main ones to consider. Our warehouses are strategically placed across the UK to ensure goods can be delivered efficiently. On top of that, we also offer a same day courier service, meaning your customer can receive their goods on the same day of ordering, if logistically possible. It can truly help to make businesses even more appealing to the consumer, driving further profit and attention.

Warehousing also minimises business risk. All goods stored in our warehouses benefit from being fully insured, so if there are any emergencies, your business will be in the clear. A huge benefit of the service is also the additional storage space you’ll receive in general. This allows your goods to be made in anticipation of demand, never dropping out of stock or losing momentum.

Who Is This Sort Of Service For?

Really, warehousing is suitable for any business who shifts physical stock and doesn’t have a fixed storage facility. We’ve worked with everyone from high end furniture companies to smaller retailers just finding their feet. As mentioned above, we really can work to the exact specifications of the client, providing bits and bobs of the services we offer, or a comprehensive warehousing solution.

Warehousing is also great for local companies who are expanding and experiencing growth. It can’t be understated how overwhelming it can be to have exponential growth without the facilities to manage stock and handle increased demand. With a temporary warehouse in place, you’re free to focus on shaping other aspects of your business and actually enjoying the growth. Not to mention, it helps with faster distribution.

Why Is Warehousing Important?

Warehousing is hugely important, not least because of how much it can make customer satisfaction go through the roof. Over 88% of online consumers would be willing to pay a higher fee if it guaranteed a quicker delivery time. This just goes to show how valuable a speedy delivery service is to the contemporary customer and how much profit can soar when next day, or same day, delivery is offered. Warehousing makes this an option for companies who don’t have a permanent facility of their own.

What Things Do You Take Into Account When Providing Warehousing Solutions?

There’s a few key things to consider when we find the best warehousing solution for our clients. The first question we’ll typically ask is around stock levels – how much do you have and how much space do you require? This let’s us know the type of facility that’s required instantly. Similarly, we’ll need to know what type of product is being sold. What are its size and weight? Is it perishable?

We can also offer specialist solutions such as temperature controlled warehousing, so we’ll run through a line of questioning to create the perfect warehousing solution on a bespoke basis. Once we’ve understood the full requirements and needs of the client, all that’s left to discuss is turnaround. It helps to be able to forecast how much time the product will spend stored in the warehouse before it’s dispatched in order to give an accurate quote.



Many thanks to Francesca for giving some further information on our warehousing service. If your business is in need of a temporary storage and distribution facility, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us today to speak to an experienced member of our team.

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