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Are There Any Couriers That Deliver On Christmas Day?

Christmas Day Courier Service

At this time of year, with Christmas approaching, it can be difficult to know where you can find a reliable courier to transport consignments! After all, it’s the busiest season for delivery drivers and courier services, and even trusted couriers can be overwhelmed by their jobs at times. In addition to this, schedules can always be a challenge: your business doesn’t stop over Christmas and New Year, and if you run out of stock or have a last-minute emergency requiring a courier, you need to know that you will be supported. If you rely on the movement of items, stock or parts like so many of us do for our businesses, you’re probably wondering: “Are there any couriers that deliver on Christmas Eve? Are there any couriers that can deliver on Christmas Day?! What about if I need a delivery on New Year’s Day?”


We’re here to ease your worries! Speedy Freight are your trusted local courier service, who deliver every day of the year: including Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve, as well as the first of January. Whatever day you need us, we’re there


Dedicated courier service, 365 days a year

At Speedy Freight, we run a dedicated courier service. This means that throughout the festive period, we continue to only serve one client per delivery; we don’t co-load despite it being the busiest time of year for our drivers. We do not co-load because we believe in providing a dedicated goods service for each of our clients, providing them with peace of mind that their goods are safe secure, and will arrive as efficiently as possible. 

Couriers Who Deliver On Christmas Day

Our drivers are only dispatching your consignment at any one time when you book with us, which  means that your goods travel directly from your named collection point to delivery with no further stops along the way. 


Our drivers therefore only plan the most efficient route for your needs, as your service is our utmost priority. In addition, our drivers are from your local branch,  which means they have the regional knowledge to plan the most efficient route, avoiding potentially hazardous areas exposed to bad weather or areas of possible local congestion. Being your dedicated local courier service means that our drivers are able to be sure that they can transport your consignment as fast and safely as they can, even over Christmas, to provide an efficient and direct delivery service. 


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Opening dates and schedule over Christmas


That’s an easy one here at Speedy Freight – we are open every day for deliveries from now until…well, always! Speedy Freight are your local courier who deliver on Christmas Day, Christmas Eve, New Year and beyond! No matter the day you find yourself in need of a courier over this Christmas and New Year period (including Twixmas, the nickname given to the notoriously tricky period from the 26th December to the 31st, when you can never quite tell if businesses are open or not!) – Speedy Freight are here for you.


How do I arrange a courier delivery over the Christmas period?


To arrange a delivery over the Christmas period, you simply need to get in touch with us here at Speedy Freight. Whether you want to pre-book a delivery, or whether you have a last-minute consignment which needs moving or dropping off that very same day, Speedy Freight are your local courier to contact. Simply get in touch with us via our website, email or our telephone number in order to speak to someone about your needs, and a member of our friendly team will be more than happy to help you. 

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