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Finding Your Provider: Aviation Logistics

In order to be commercially successful, an airline must operate with the utmost efficiency. Whether from a late passenger, a schedule disruption or a malfunctioning component of the aircraft, air travel is frequently subject to delays and hold-ups. Delays can be immensely costly to airlines; as each second spent on the ground incurs a cost of some kind – airlines can only begin to profit from their business once in the air!

In order to ensure that their organisation is as lucrative and profitable as possible, it is vital that airlines engage a suitable aviation courier, which is experienced in the support of an aviation supply chain. An aviation logistics provider must have the efficiency, reliability and security of a standard logistics provider of any other industry, but to an almost unparalleled standard. After all, a delay costs an enormous amount in lost revenue and insurance claims, and, more seriously, a damaged or compromised airline part poses a threat to hundreds, if not thousands of people. It is imperative then that a courier for the aviation industry is trustworthy, timely and appropriately local, with experience in acting as a logistics supplier. 



Flexibility on schedule

It is a vital quality of your chosen aviation courier that they are able to arrive on time, no matter when or where they are needed. At Speedy Freight, we’re here for you whenever, wherever – we know that airline schedules are rarely in operation during business hours!

Speedy Freight additionally operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We know that flights may need emergency support on Christmas Day or New Year’s Eve, and we’ll be there to fill in the gap when they do. Our experienced drivers work around the clock, to make sure that reliable logistics are a reality for all our clients. 



Ability to deliver aircraft parts

Though it may seem obvious, of course your chosen courier must have the resources and capacity to deliver the necessary components to your airline. This means that they must be able to transport miniscule engine parts, from mini screws, as well as transport something as bulky as a tail unit or section of a wing. This necessitates the availability of a wide range of vehicle types. Speedy Freight has access to a 4,000-strong fleet of vehicles including 18-Tonne Trucks, 12-Tonne Trucks  and Artic Trucks, all of which have the storage capacity to transport large or heavy aeroplane components. 



Your Local Courier 

With over 80 branches, Speedy Freight is the local aviation courier for all airports across the UK. No matter what you need, when you need it, Speedy Freight are able to plan the fastest and most efficient route to your airport. In addition, we do not co-load your goods, and are a dedicated courier service, which means we can be with you as fast as possible with no alternative stops along the way. 

Our dedicated courier drivers are keen on their collaboration, and will communicate with your on-ground personnel in order to offer updates and receive instruction on how fragile, dangerous or temperature controlled parts should be transported and handled.



If you would like to speak to a member of our expert team on the arrangement of the transportation of any aviation-related component for your airline, please get in touch with Speedy Freight today.

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