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Britain’s Retail Reopening Roadmap: How Speedy Freight Can Help

Here in the UK, Speedy Freight was just as excited as everyone else to read the UK’s ‘roadmap’ for ending Britain’s current lockdown! The plan, unveiled by the UK government, details on what dates Britain’s beloved ‘non-essential’ businesses will be able to once again open their doors to the British public. As an essential support system for Britain’s businesses, Speedy Freight has been continuing the work of providing logistics to the country throughout the UK’s national lockdowns. Now, though, the wider UK economy is set to reopen – with the dates provisionally set at April for retail.

The April date for reopening is set at no earlier than the 12th April, and includes the following classed as non-essential retail businesses:

  • clothing stores and tailors
  • charity and antique shops
  • homeware and carpet stores
  • showrooms (such as for vehicles as well as kitchens and bathrooms)
  • electronic goods and mobile phone shops
  • retail travel agents
  • photography studios
  • remaining auction houses and markets
  • tobacco and vape stores
  • betting shops (subject to additional COVID-Secure measures, such as limiting the use of gaming machines).
  • car washes (except for automatic car washes that are already open)

In addition to the reopening of personal care facilities like salons, gyms, tattoo and piercing parlours and physiotherapy and massage clinics. Though many of these businesses have remained closed for the duration of the current lockdown, it’s looking likely that opening up again is just a few weeks away.

Arranging retail support for April is vital, especially for businesses that have been closed since the UK’s current lockdown, which began on the 4th January this year. A pause in business meant that many businesses shut down their supplier relationships to protect costs; furloughing workers and ceasing trading. Now, it’s important to ensure that your courier support is in place before public trading begins once again – and Speedy Freight can continue to support the UK’s retail work with our logistics services.

How can Speedy continue to support retail?

Speedy Freight can work to provide retail support to all the industries we have worked with over the years, and help to get your supply chain back on track. Whether you worked with us in the past, are changing from your existing courier service or starting up a brand-new business, we know that it’s essential to have all your ducks in a row before opening your doors again. Speedy Freight can support with such day-to-day tasks as stock transfers, restocks, depot and store transfer, and even support refurbishments that have taken place since closures in 2020. Whether you require bulk deliveries of goods and furniture through to home and doorstep delivery support for an existing fleet, Speedy Freight can scale up and down as needed to meet demand.


Why use Speedy Freight for your retail reopening?

Our logistics support for retail across the UK has seen us move a huge range of items, ranging from individual high-value items to bulk stop deliveries to regional fulfilment centres. Speedy Freight’s versatility, thanks to our 4,000-strong fleet of vehicles, is just one of the reasons why so many retailers choose to partner with us for their courier needs. Our reliable service has earned us a 5-star Trustpilot rating; while our dedicated service means clients know their items are travelling directly from A to B with no unnecessary or superfluous stops in between.

In addition to our dedicated service, our expert drivers know exactly how to transport your retail consignments – no matter how large or small! Whether you’re looking to bulk transport stock, assistance in doorstep deliveries, or even moving around furniture and interior decoration for a refurbishment ahead of reopening, Speedy Freight can do it all.


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