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Can Courier Services Continue In Lockdown?


By now, we all know that the 2020 lockdown and social distancing guidelines, implemented to slow the spread of COVID-19, have affected almost every part of life in the UK. From grocery shopping to socialising to working, the implementation of social distancing measures has meant a huge change for many of us in recent months. One of the most notable changes in our habits has been the shift of online shopping – more than ever, we’re buying online and we’re buying for doorstep delivery. But has this lockdown affected courier services?

What this has meant is the inevitable rise of logistics services around the country – companies everywhere offering same day and next day delivery services (even if they hadn’t previously offered home delivery) just to keep up with demand! Courier services like Speedy Freight can offer support for companies in all sectors of the economy, and since lockdown, even more so in relation to retail, particularly due to the shift in consumer habits. 


Which Courier Services Can Continue In Lockdown? 


Many courier companies were unable to operate during the COVID-19 lockdown, due to their core client base having to close. This is where Speedy Freight stepped in. 


Speedy Freight worked throughout the lockdown to support all industries across the UK with logistics services, including ensuring that retailers had enough stock for those late-night shopping binges so many of us succumbed to! 


One of the key industries which saw a huge uptick in the number of deliveries required of courier services was that of medical consignments. Speedy Freight’s medical consignments rose by 200% during the height of lockdown, as the courier transported lifesaving equipment and medicine during the initial stages of the pandemic. 


Working 24/7, 365 days a year, Speedy Freight is always able to move your consignments no matter when you might need them moving. Our dedicated couriers move your items directly from Point A to Point B, with no co-loading, which means you’ll never experience any delays caused by other peoples’ goods. 

No matter your consignment, Speedy Freight can move it quickly, easily and in line with all the latest government guidelines. We know that rules can change quickly in this new environment, but Speedy Freight will always be able to navigate the restrictions in order to deliver safely to you.  


Booking with Speedy Freight 


Making your booking with Speedy Freight couldn’t be easier. Simply get in touch with your local branch via the Branch Locator to find your closest Speedy hub, complete an online form or give us a call. Whether it’s a local or national lockdown, or business as usual – whatever you need moving, whenever you need it moving – we’re there. 

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