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Can couriers let themselves in? Same-Day Courier Speedy Freight Explains ‘Key Holding’

We’re all familiar with the issue. Your delivery has been scheduled, and your courier is on their way – but at the last minute you realise nobody’s able to sign for it! It’s a pain when it happens on a small-scale Amazon delivery to your door – so what happens when it’s an urgent bulk shipment for retail?


Issues like these arise more often than you’d think. If your business doesn’t keep opening hours throughout the night or at weekends, but stock is urgently needed for the next day or start of the business week, finding someone to accept the consignment can be equally tricky. 


A solution to all these issues is Key Holding, a service offered by Speedy Freight, the nation’s favourite same-day and next-day courier. 


Key Holding – What Is It? 


Key holding is a solution to these issues of unattended businesses, remote reception and delivery. If you need your courier to be able to simply swing by, deliver your package and leave without having to bring an employee or team member in out-of-hours, look no further than Speedy Freight. Key holding is a booming business which is vital to the security of many organisations worldwide. If your organisation is run from abroad, it can be difficult to know just how secure it is.  Remote video camera systems might reveal an issue after the fact, but you need to know that a trusted organisation will be there to safeguard and regularly monitor your workplace.


This can work with businesses solely dedicated to Key Holding – for those more often away from your premises, or without access to security systems from afar, businesses may ask a professional or agent to check in. However, if you are one of our clients, why not kill two birds with one stone, and make the most of Speedy Freight’s Key Holding service.


Speedy Freight – Key Holders 


Speedy Freight’s key holding service solves multiple issues at once for our clients. Speedy Freight enjoys a fleet of over 4,000 vehicles, meaning that we can dispense sufficient support to cover holiday or illness, should your organisation need the support. 


With Out Of Hours work, for instance, shift work begins at midnight. Our highly-trained drivers covering these shifts are then required to complete the assigned route as Key Holder for several medical sites. The nature of deliveries like this can of course be urgent, and no delays can be tolerated the next morning when the establishment reopens.

Thanks to their training, our Key Holder drivers are able to receive and collect the keys to special areas where the medicines must go, left in a designated area by our client. The drivers can then deliver those all-important and lifesaving medicines into dedicated “cold areas” calibrated to the correct temperature. Then, they are able to simply record and check off the delivery, returning keys and paperwork to the relevant parts of the establishment, so the next day the client is able to return to business as usual – no disruptions. In many cases our drivers retain the keys, which are stored securely, for the delivery the next night. In some cases no keys need to be held, our key holders have access to the key safe to obtain the keys upon delivery, and return them following the delivery.


Speedy Freight works 24/7, 365 – meaning that we are the perfect  choice of courier to deliver during night shifts, weekends or holidays. Can’t get anyone to wait for receipt of the delivery? No problem – simply arrange your Key Holder service with Speedy Freight today. 


Arrange Your Key Holding Services With Speedy Freight Today


If you want to make the most of Speedy Freight’s key holding services, please feel free to get in touch with our expert team and we’ll be able to get your booking made as soon as possible. Our dedicated team will ensure that the highest levels of care and attention are given to your delivery – and your consignment will be safely secured where you need it to be.  We’ll get what you need, where you need it – with Speedy Freight.

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