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Can Couriers Provide Support After Brexit?

Here at Speedy Freight, we know many of our clients need support when it comes to the difficult business of preparing your company for Brexit. With aspects like EORI numbers, commodity codes, customs procedure codes, customs clearance and tax duty, it’s no surprise that the procedure can be complex and take time to get right.

As the nation’s trusted courier guiding our clients through the process of leaving the EU, Speedy Freight can assist at various stages with the Brexit procedure and process. In this article, we outline the ways in which we can provide support to our clients, by either assisting with or taking responsibility for the documentation or protocol required.

How will Brexit affect moving goods between the UK and the EU?

Whether or not the UK reaches a deal with the EU will naturally affect the trade agreements between the two; however, in either circumstance, the UK will have to face a change in tariffs, tax duties, customs clearance procedures and general protocol when it comes to import and export after the deadline of January 1st, 2021. This deadline marks the end of the transitional period for the UK leaving the EU; and as such the beginning of an entirely new trade agreement with the EU.

Speedy Freight’s Brexit Checklist outlines the steps that all clients need to take to ensure they are Brexit-ready for the movement of goods. Confused by all the acronyms? Check out our Brexit Jargon Buster which breaks down the confusing jargon surrounding the business of Brexit procedures, for a clear understanding of what you need to do before January 1st.

Our guide Moving goods to and from the EU after Brexit gives a clear indication to our clients about how they can best prepare for the end of the transition period, including necessary steps and explanations of potential trade negotiation outcomes.

Can couriers help with Brexit?

In short, yes! Speedy Freight can help with the movement of your goods between the EU and the UK after Brexit in a number of ways – and not just literally through our courier service! Thanks to our status as an industry-leading courier company, Speedy Freight is able to offer help with preparing your company for the end of the Brexit transition period, beginning on the first day of 2021.

Here at Speedy Freight, we can help with the following aspects of post-Brexit preparation:

  • Import / Export to and from EU / NI / ROI
  • Facilitating Duty and VAT payments
  • Get an EORI number – GOV.UK
  • Filing paperwork and making payments via CHIEF

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Find out more about how Speedy Freight can help you transition through the changes of Brexit, with our Brexit support service.

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