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Can logistics companies do full-day and half-day rates?

Here at Speedy Freight, we often get asked the question of what rates we charge for different consignments. Of course, many of our consignments are bespoke – priced to order, based on the distance, loading requirements of the consignments, and the type of vehicle or vehicles required.


A common enquiry is whether or not logistics companies can offer full-day and half-day rates, which refers to the duration of time that the vehicles are engaged in the client’s service. Often, our clients want to know if they are able to engage Speedy Freight’s logistics services for a given period of time, rather than a number of journeys, and if so, what the rates are on offer to them. 


So  – can logistics companies do full-day and half-day rates? 


What are full-day and half-day rates?


Full day rates and half day rates are an excellent solution when you need more than just a simple pick up and drop off.  Having a vehicle allocated to you for a period of time enables you to manage the driver’s activity to suit your business needs and customer requirements.  


Can Speedy Freight offer full-day and half-day rates? 


Speedy Freight is pleased to be able to offer all of our clients full day and half day rates on all of our vehicles, ranging from a small van to an articulated lorry!  All you need to do is tell us what you want to achieve, and we will present you with the most cost-effective solution. Our expert advisors work 24/7, 365 in order to present you with the most efficient solution for your consignment needs. 


At Speedy Freight, we’ll work within the parameters agreed between our team and our client, and we take time to understand their needs. We’ll always be sure to discuss with our client the length of time required, the types of consignments needing to be moved (for us to assign the relevant vehicle), the mileage covered, the number of drop-offs and any further specifications the client may have.  We may be delivering to the curbside, the 10th floor of an office, or hand-delivering into the client’s room of choice – where we go is up to you. 



Why are full-day and half-day rates useful? 


Offering this service of full-day and half-day rates can be a great flexible solution to various industries. For instance, this service has helped some of Speedy Freight’s clients to service markets further away than they would typically serve, simply by spreading the cost of delivery across multiple drops.  Other clients operate their own transport like this already, and use Speedy Freight’s logistics services to supplement resources as required. 


As evidenced, offering full-day and half-day rates for logistics can open up increased opportunities for clients by providing a cost-effective courier service solution for more complex logistics issues. In addition, this is suitable for consignments which are a matter of urgency, along with cost savings when compared with running additional fleet internally to meet peak and ad hoc demands.


For instance, a half-day rate might be useful for a company that needs to deliver four different items to four different locations within a 25-mile radius. In this case, rather than booking four vans individually, it may be more cost-effective for them to have a van booked on a Speedy Freight ‘half day’ basis.


In addition, a full-day or half-day rate might benefit companies which do night deliveries or late evening deliveries. In this case, the company may book a van to cover local drops between e.g. 6pm till 6am, again within a specified mileage range.



How can I book a full-day or half-day rate with Speedy Freight? 


It couldn’t be simpler to book your full-day or half-day rate with Speedy Freight! Simply find your local branch to speak to your nearest regional Speedy Freight hub today. If you aren’t quite sure of your needs, and would like to discuss these, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, where a member of our friendly team will be on-hand to assist and advise you. 



At Speedy Freight we already provide this service across a wide range of industries such as:


  • Kitchen manufacturers 
  • Tile retailers
  • Furniture shops
  • White goods manufacturers and retailers
  • Electrical goods wholesalers
  • Retail including those offering same day and next day delivery
  • Hospitality industry such as hotel chains and restaurant chains
  • Breweries


Our teams have a wealth of experience in identifying and providing this service to your business.  


We are flexible and agile and once we have an understanding of shift time, mileage covered, number of drops and most importantly your expectations on how the delivery is presented and received to your customer. 


To find out more about our half day rate and day rate proposals, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our teams here at Speedy Freight, who’ll be more than happy to help.

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