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Car Transportation Service Guide

Car Transportation Explained

Car transportation relates to the process of moving vehicles from A to B. As this means moving high value goods, specialist vehicles and expertly trained drivers are required to carry the job out to the highest standard. Millions of vehicles are moved by road, sea and air every year.

For instance, when a car dealership is receiving a shipment of new vehicles, they can’t simply be driven between points as consumers would then be receiving a used car. As such, specialist vehicles are used to collect from plants and deliver safely without any need to activate the car itself. Of course, it’s not just dealerships and professionals who use car transportation services. They’re useful when moving any quantity of vehicles to any destination.

When it comes to choosing vehicle transporters, there are a few factors to be aware of. First off all, ensuring that the car transporters have relevant insurance set up is crucial to ensure that the job doesn’t get caught up in red tape. Vehicle condition reports before and after are also recommended, as well as ensuring that the transporter use only trusted partners to carry out the job.

What Are The Different Types Of Car Transportation?

Multi-level car transporters are the most recognisable type of vehicle that instantly springs to mind. These are designed to carry several cars at once and are favoured by the likes of car dealerships. Typically, these are a form of open car transport where the cars are hauled on uncovered trailers.

Single car hauliers are also commonly used for short distance trips. As the name would suggest, this type of vehicle can only handle one vehicle at a time. However, their smaller size makes them perfect for winding or narrow roads.

At Speedy Freight, we specialise in covered car transport. As such, we ensure that vehicles are transported in the safest way possible with no risk of damage caused by outside interference. Each of our fleet of enclosed trailers benefits from highly secure straps which significantly reduce the chance of exterior or interior harm. Covered car transportation is the most secure method of getting your vehicle to its destination in tip top condition.

Why Use A Car Transportation Company

Using vehicle transportation services has a number of benefits over transporting the car yourself. For starters, as they use specialist vehicles which are less at risk of damage, safety levels are increased. The last thing you want to do when moving a new vehicle to its destination is incur accidental damage. Car transportation covers this risk, with insurance policies usually included as standard.

Hiring car transportation companies can also help to lower the overall cost of the trip in comparison to moving the vehicle yourself. Particularly when moving long distances, it tends to work out far more cost-effective when it comes to fuel. When it comes to cheap vehicle haulage, it’s a no brainer.

The most important reason, however, is expertise. Choose a transportation firm with a stellar reputation and you’ll be receiving knowledge and experience when it comes to moving cars safely. What’s more, this means less effort and stress for you.

How To Safely Transport Cars

Car transportation companies are dedicated to providing the most safe methods of moving vehicles. Proper loading is one of the main methods of guaranteeing safety throughout transit. Checking the trailer floor for bends and damage is the first step, before strapping the car in securely and checking for full fastening. Any loosening can cause an imbalance which can lead to damage.

Ensuring that the correct specifications are met with regards to weight limits and dimensions is also essential. At Speedy Freight, our car transportation service has a max loading width of 2250mm, loading bed length of 6000mm and loading height of 2000mm. In essence, we move everything from Mini’s to Range Rovers. With anything outside of this range, you run the risk of putting the vehicle off-balance.

How To Prepare Cars For Transport

Cars are valuable assets, often a source of pride for the owner, and care must be taken prior to transportation. While using an auto haulier takes care of the heavy-lifting, there are still steps that can be taken to correctly prepare cars for transports, as outlined below;

  • Wash the vehicle ahead of a condition report
  • Take pictures to compare with delivered condition
  • Note down odometer readings and take pictures
  • Check for fluid leaks
  • Test battery and tires
  • Remove accessories and valuables
  • Leave around ¼ of a tank worth of petrol
  • Check for mechanical issues
  • Disable any alarms
  • Have keys and insurance at the ready


How Much Does Car Transportation Cost?

UK car transportation cost depends on a number of factors, such as vehicle size, quantity and, more importantly, journey length. Remote postcodes and timed deliveries can also come into play when it comes to pricing up car transportation jobs. The best way to receive an accurate quote on your car transportation requirements is to contact us and speak to the expert team here at Speedy Freight.

Is Same Day Car Transportation Possible?

Urgent vehicle delivery is certainly possible when using a trusted logistics provider such as Speedy Freight. In fact, your vehicle could be collected within an hour thanks to our extensive nationwide coverage. However, same day car transportation is not the norm, with many companies requesting advance notice of around a week. There is usually no extra charge for same day car transportation, with each job being treated on an even keel with advance bookings.

Booking Car Transportation

Wherever you’re based in the UK, it’s possible to book car transportation services with Speedy Freight. With a dedicated network of experts and an extensive vehicle fleet, we have the solution to all of your requirements. To get a quote tailored to the exact specifications of your vehicle and journey, contact us today.

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