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Choose The Right Logistics Partner To Manage Your Transport Needs In Retail

With rising customer expectations, it’s essential to choose the right logistics partner for your retail business transport needs. Choosing a dedicated, and flexible logistics partner like Speedy Freight will keep retail businesses booming. 


Nowadays, customer expectations for delivery are sky-high – and with good reason! With increasingly more rapid options offered for delivery – next-day, same-day, or express, customers expect goods to be delivered faster than ever before. This can be a tall order for retailers, who often find their courier services unable to keep up with demand. Outsourcing to a trusted logistics partner can ensure that your transport needs are met, and the courier process is kept smooth and efficient. 




When choosing the right logistics partner to meet your transport needs, it’s important to assess their flexibility. You may not always require the same services, or might need a range of different services from your courier. Hub-and-spoke delivery is a cornerstone of retail, accounting for over 99% of all retail deliveries worldwide. The system of ordering goods from a retailer’s warehouse, where it is sorted into regional hubs and then delivered to consumer homes, has dominated delivery for years. Here Speedy Freight support getting goods from the regional hubs to the local Hubs., With e-commerce, the use of click-and-collect systems are gaining in popularity. For those with hectic schedules or long working hours, the ability to collect a parcel from a designated local spot offers multiple advantages. Your chosen logistics partner should be able to maintain various delivery systems, in order to keep you ahead of the curve. At Speedy Freight we support many large retail organisations to get their goods, in bulk, to click and collect locations, only transporting their stock with our dedicated deliveries running several times a day from their regional depots to store.


It’s also a common occurrence for customers to expect same day or next day delivery, which your organisation might not be prepared for. At Speedy Freight, our retail courier service is able to deliver on promises by supporting your same day requirements to meet same day orders or support the movement of goods between hubs to enable your next day delivery. 


No matter your courier needs, Speedy Freight can create bespoke solutions for retail delivery, which can vary enormously. For instance, in our support for a major furniture brand based out of the UK, our bespoke delivery service included both delivery to retail stores as well as a new white-glove service incorporating delivery directly to customers’ homes. 


We are also able to remain flexible thanks to the range of over 4,000 vehicles at our disposal. Ranging from Short-Wheel Base and Long-Wheel Base vans, to Luton Vans or even to 7.5 tonne trucks and artics, rest assured we’ve got you covered at Speedy Freight. 


Another vital aspect of the modern shopping, retail and e-commerce experience, from the consumer’s perspective, is their ability to track the delivery or package. This is the same for retailers themselves: that’s why all Speedy Freight consignments are tracked. Speedy Freight have a tracking system, enabling you to stay on top of your planned delivery, wherever and whenever it may be. 



Organising a dedicated courier service can seem, at first glance, more expensive than other alternatives, such as van hire. Particularly to those requiring courier service for an SME, we know that costs are an important consideration when it comes to choosing the right logistics partner to manage your transport needs. However, as we have previously shared, when all costs are considered, van hire can amount to a far greater expense than a dedicated courier service. With a dedicated courier service like Speedy Freight, you can be sure that your products will be delivered efficiently, transported in the most suitable vehicle available, and couriered by a driver with expert local knowledge. 


Customer Service

When choosing the right logistics partner for your transport needs, it should go without saying that the customer service provided should be second-to-none. Whether you’re employing a service for home delivery or delivering to stores, it is imperative to make sure that the quality of service provided is extremely high. This encompasses a number of things, including the flexibility of the service, the courier reputation, the value of the service and the facilities available, as well as their commitment to communication. 


It’s vital to cover these aspects when choosing the right logistics partner to assist with your organisation and manage your transport needs. Any courier will claim to be the best, so how can you be sure of the quality? Customer service is clearly indicated by online reviews, which allow clients to anonymously leave feedback based on their experience and satisfaction. At Speedy Freight, our most recent feedback is always displayed on our homepage through Trustpilot reviews. These reviews showcase our five-star trust rating alongside reviews left by our happy customers, so you know you’re getting the very best service. 


As you can see, there are many things to consider when choosing the right logistics partner to manage your transport needs. To discuss your requirements with our team of experts, simply get in touch today and find out how we can help manage your transport needs.

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