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Choosing an express courier service for medical goods 


There is perhaps no more important courier service than the express courier service that is used for the transportation of medical goods. Often, this service can mean the difference between life and death, with the urgent transportation of vital medical materials, and the essential movement of blood and organs for transfusions and transplantation. When choosing an express courier service for these medical goods it is imperative that the service is of the utmost quality, reliability and expertise. For this service, look no further than Speedy Freight. 

Speedy Freight are your local, reliable same day courier with extensive experience in the transportation and movement of these medical materials. 

Speedy Freight’s experience in transporting medical goods 

All of our medical courier drivers receive the necessary briefing in the transportation and handling of medical items and pharmaceutical goods, including the movement of blood and organs. Each driver tasked with such a consignment is equipped with all the relevant knowledge surrounding the importance of their journey, as well as the risks and challenges involved.

It’s important to ensure the speed and agility of the transportation of such supplies, in accordance with Good Distribution Practice (GDP). Naturally, given the nature of these supplies, the timing of the delivery is often critical, and can mean the difference between life and death. In light of this, a dedicated courier service is vital to ensure that there are no unnecessary stops along the way, delays or obstacles to the delivery of lifesaving goods.

Speedy Freight pride themselves on their ability to collect within the hour, and deliver directly to the destination without any stops. Speedy Freight never co-load our vehicles, meaning that we don’t take any detours. It is crucial to deliver medical materials without compromise, and with a dedicated express courier service, your delivery will be taken straight to where you want it, safely and securely. Throughout the journey, Speedy Freight are sure to keep all parties updated on the status of the delivery, including Live Tracking options. 

In addition, Speedy Freight are experienced in the transportation of medical and pharmaceutical products. This means that, unlike many other couriers, we know to always carefully calibrate the temperature of the vehicle to the required environment for the specific material being transported, given that the smallest change in temperature can drastically affect the medical item being moved. We take this exceptional level of care in the courier service we provide for medical supplies.

Speedy Freight are capable of providing more than just biological medical supplies: we are additionally experts in providing bulk medical drugs, samples, and confidential patient documents to their intended recipient, including scans and medical notes.

Whether you need to receive life-saving blood, fragile medical equipment, samples or bulk drug deliveries, Speedy Freight are your number one express courier service for the transportation of medical goods.

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