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Choosing The Right Multi-Drop Courier Service

In the UK, multi-drop courier services are an integral part of supply chains today. Unfortunately, often clients can be at risk of choosing unreliable multi-drop courier services – unrealistic timeframes, inflexible or unhelpful schedules and poorly-planned routes can be costly – both in terms of time and in terms of money! So how can you choose the right courier for your business?


It’s essential to choose a multi-drop courier service which is able to meet all your business’ needs. Of course, it’s essential to prioritise the qualities of reliability, credibility, value for money and experience – but your business is likely to have unique requirements from your multi-drop courier.


For instance, construction clients are likely to need a multi-drop courier service that can provide a range of vehicles, such as hi-abs or flatbed trucks, in order to fulfil their business objectives; whilst a medical or healthcare courier is going to need a series of specialised vehicles such as chilled vans for the transportation of biological samples. Make sure you’ve analysed what’s right for your business’ needs so that you can choose a multi-drop courier service that really delivers on its promises.


A huge benefit to using Speedy Freight, is we’ll only carry your goods on board each vehicle, we won’t be delivering on behalf of any other businesses. This means there is less risk of damage or delays. Speedy Freight can provide full KPI reporting, dedicated customer contact teams and preferential rates for regular runs. We provide support for large scale retailers who run their own fleets, and also those who outsource, particularly at times of peak demand, such as Christmas.


We can deliver everything from pallets of bricks, to garden furniture, to fashion and even medical samples and medication.


Experienced Multi-Drop Courier


It is absolutely key to find a multi-drop courier in the UK that has experience in providing a multi-drop service. Many courier companies in the UK may claim to be able to carry out X number of drops in a 24-hour period – but how likely is this? Do they have sufficient  vehicles to be able to make this claim? What hours do/ can their drivers operate? Are they able to transport goods abroad?


Multi-drop couriers need to have serviced numerous sectors to understand their specific needs. There are complexities in multi-drop service that don’t apply to direct collections & drops; and it’s key to be prepared so that clients don’t suffer.

Range of Vehicles Available

As we’ve established, it’s important to make sure your chosen multi-drop courier service has a varied range of vehicles. This is key to ensure that your multi-drop courier can handle whatever you need it for, as, even within sectors, needs can vary.  Here at Speedy Freight, our fleet is hugely varied to allow our customers to enjoy our reliable, flexible service without having to compromise on the transportation of their goods. From specialised vehicles to hi-abs to flatbed trucks, our range allows you to safely transport whatever it is that you need.

Flexible Timings / 24-Hour Courier Service

It’s key to ensure that your chosen courier is able to be flexible. A multi-drop courier service must be able to operate out of ‘regular’ hours, and have a flexible fleet ready to go no matter what time of the day or night your multi-drop needs arrive. At Speedy Freight, our multi-drop courier service is available throughout the evenings, weekends and holidays in order to meet your multi-drop courier needs.

International Courier Services


Finally, it’s key to check your chosen multi-drop courier service can supply international couriering if that’s a requirement! Sometimes, multi-drop courier requests can refer to multi-country drops – so it’s important to make sure that your chosen courier has experience in delivering drops across a range of countries and jurisdictions.


Multi-Drop Couriers From Speedy Freight


We hope that this guide to choosing the right courier service has helped you to settle on the right multi-drop courier service for you! For any more information on your multi-drop courier service, our same-day courier service, or our specialised courier service, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our teams.

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