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Choosing Your Perfect Same Day Courier For Christmas

Same Day Courier Service For Christmas


As November ends and December begins, it can feel as though the year is barrelling to an end. For lots of people, the approach of the Christmas holidays means that it’s time to relax, put your feet up, and look forward to the new year. However, for many industries, like hospitality, manufacturing, logistics and retail, the festive period is the busiest time of year! The same is true for us here at Speedy Freight: after all, what would Christmas be without special deliveries? If your business is booming this season, look no further than this guide from Speedy Freight on choosing your perfect same day courier for Christmas. 

For lots of industries, this peak winter trading season requires months of planning. Maintaining an airtight supply chain during the last few months of the year is a crucial factor in guaranteeing that everything continues smoothly onwards, ensuring quality for clients and customers. A close-knit relationship with a reliable same day courier can ensure you bypass traditional supply chain concerns this Christmas, and keep your process running smoothly. 


How Can I Choose The Perfect Same Day Courier For Christmas? 


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There are several crucial qualities that a same day courier must have in order to provide your organisation with  a high-quality, reliable courier service this festive season. Make sure that you choose the right same day courier for Christmas by checking their credentials against our list of must-haves, below: 


Of course, when hiring a courier, the most vital element of the relationship is trust – the knowledge that you can rely on their service. Reliability is a vital element of choosing the perfect same day courier for Christmas, as you need to avoid the risk of letting down your customers. No matter your consignment, we’re there for you: whether you’re a busy restaurant filled with hungry customers, or a bustling department store awaiting the arrival of a varied stock, soon to become gifts under the tree! We’re also an experienced retail courier, so you know that whatever your needs – we’re there. 

You also need to know that your chosen same day courier will be available throughout the Christmas period, in order to supply your customers for their festivities. Speedy Freight are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year- yes, including Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Rest assured that when you choose Speedy Freight, your reliable same day courier will stay reliable, even on the most magical day of the year. Whenever you need us, we’re there. 



A further element of choosing your perfect same day courier for Christmas is whether or not your courier service is a dedicated one. Not sure what this means? A dedicated courier simply means a courier which is dedicated to transporting your consignment from A to B, without transferring anybody else’s items in the same trip. This means there’s no risk of damage to your items within the vehicle, and you won’t be risking any knock-on delays from other clients’ schedules or unavailability. Instead, the trip is purpose-planned to maximise efficiency for your delivery and can be fitted around your timetable, which is bound to be hectic over the festive season! Speedy Freight offers a dedicated courier service no matter the time of year, meaning that your valuable Christmas cargo will remain secure and will be delivered efficiently, no matter whether you choose same day or next day delivery



Flexibility is a core tenet of the ideal courier, particularly over the seasonal trading peak. No matter your consignment size or shape, you want to know it will be transported safely and in adequate vehicle space. Speedy Freight has access to a fleet of over 4,000 vehicles. This array of transportation options means that no matter your business’ needs, we’re guaranteed to find a vehicle to suit the cargo. 

For smaller or lighter cargo, Speedy Freight can provide Short Wheel Base and Small Vans, which are ideal for a smaller transport need. If your consignment is at the other end of the spectrum, we can provide vehicles like Artic Trucks: capable of handling loads up to 24,000kg and 2.7 metres high, or 18-Tonne Trucks, which are perfect for large loads and can support up to 9,000 kilograms of weight.

Flatbed services can help to transport irregularly-sized, bulky or difficult loads. So, whatever size you choose, you can be sure that with Speedy Freight’s range of vehicle types we’ll never be caught out by your consignment, particularly over the winter months! Better than that, we’ll always aim to be there within an hour of you making the booking. 



If you would like to hear more about how Speedy Freight can be your perfect same day courier this Christmas, please get in touch with us today and a member of our team will be more than happy to help!

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