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Construction Logistics And Haulage Guide

It can be argued that effective logistics is imperative to a successful construction project. Construction managers are always under pressure to keep costs low and get jobs completed earlier and earlier. If you’re scratching your head, struggling to meet demands, a construction courier could be the solution you need.

A building site is only as good as its supply of materials. At Speedy Freight, we understand the frustrations of halted work caused by missing or delayed materials. It only takes one component to be behind schedule to knock the whole house of cards down. Having construction logistics in place ensures you’re never caught off guard while making some savings along the way.

This guide takes a look into construction logistics as a whole, delving into the what’s, why’s and how’s of this useful service. If you’d like to know more about the application of modern logistics management in the construction industry, read on.

What Is Construction Logistics?

Construction logistics is a service which covers storage and transport of supplies or materials required for construction projects. There are a number of different components required for an efficient building site, and construction couriers ensure all goods are in place when you need them.

Having a construction logistics provider in place takes care of handling, collection and on-site delivery in line with all relevant safety measures. What’s more, construction logistics doesn’t just cover the A to B transport of goods but can also refer to further services such as warehousing, risk assessment, packaging, waste management and more.

What Are The Advantages Of Construction Logistics?

One of the primary advantages of construction logistics is the option to ship on a ‘just-in-time’ basis. By opting for this service, you can ensure that building sites aren’t overloaded with cumbersome materials, allowing for more efficient work. This also limits the likelihood of costly delays and damaged materials as they’re shipped as a dedicated service.

Furthermore, using a construction consolidation centre for ‘just-in-time’ deliveries helps to reduce site traffic by as much as 70%. This solution offers strong storage of materials, reduces clutter, allowing breathing space and material sequencing. Effective logistical plans are often the reason behind reduced costs and early completion of projects.

Dedicated construction logistics allows building sites to use their resources efficiently, reducing emissions and waste, as well as cost, in the process. With both financial and environmental benefits at play, construction logistics plans are an essential consideration to make when plotting your project.

While there’s no legal requirement to have professional construction logistics in place, opting for industry experts has the knock on effect of aiding in other legal necessities. For example, hazardous waste regulations are ticked off thanks to the limits on wasted materials being sent to landfill. This is just one of the many supplementary benefits which come with full construction logistics.

What Are The Types Of Construction Logistics?

There are a number of different types of construction logistics activities. They can be combined into a comprehensive service, or selected as a bespoke collection depending on requirements. Each type aids in correct and safe delivery of building site supplies. The construction logistics below are not exhaustive, but the main types are;

  • Planning and risk assessments
  • Scheduling of production
  • Sourcing construction consolidation centres
  • Supply acquisition
  • Packaging and sorting
  • Full warehousing services
  • Fulfilment of orders
  • Onsite and offsite collections and deliveries
  • Construction freight handling
  • Waste management

As well as these services outlined, it’s important to note that construction logistics can be used for all types of materials. For specialist collections such as hazardous goods, a dedicated and trained driver is allocated. Providers such as Speedy Freight work with you to find the exact solution to the job at hand.

What Is A Construction Logistics Plan?

Logistics in construction is underpinned by planning. In fact, it’s recommended that organising transportation of materials is put into place as early in the process as possible. A construction logistics plan is the key to minimising risks and costs while maximising productivity. The way in which materials are shipped to the site can make or break your project. A logistics plan puts you one step ahead of any potential threats.

There are four key elements which fuel a successful construction logistics plan;

  • Scheduling – Pre-planning the movement of freight ensures that everything you need is scheduled.
  • Risk Management – Ensuring all legal and safety measures are accounted for is crucial. Selecting experienced logistics providers significantly reduces safety risks.
  • Capacity – Correct calculations helps to find competitive rates and ensure you’re always receiving the right amount of materials. Speedy Freight work alongside customers when required to aid in this process.
  • Benchmarking – Taking a look back at previous projects and analysing what went wrong, or what you learned from the process, helps to set standards and expectations.

Who Uses Construction Logistics?

Full logistics plans are commonly opted for by project planners and construction managers. Anybody who is responsible for construction projects and building sites call upon construction logistics to optimise time and cost as well as heightening efficiency and reliability.

Regardless of the type of building project which is being delivered, full logistics is imperative for keeping a supply chain moving. Comprehensive construction logistics plans can be directly linked with high productivity levels as well as safety and flexibility.

How Does Emergency Construction Logistics Work?

Even the best laid plans sometimes go awry. Whether it’s damaged machinery or incorrect calculations, there are times where you can find yourself in need of a last minute helping hand.  As specialists in same day delivery with a vast fleet of vehicles nationwide, Speedy Freight have the capacity to deliver emergency logistics to building sites within the hour. The process is much like any other booking, beginning with a quote and ending in on-site delivery. Drivers with extensive training and knowledge in the field will handle the materials to ensure that your project can go ahead without a hitch.

Using Speedy Freight For Construction Logistics

If you’re ready to get the ball rolling on a construction logistics quote, Speedy Freight are on hand. Our team of dedicated experts draw upon years of experience to find the perfect solution for you at all times. We have branches up and down the country and offer both same day collections and comprehensive construction logistics plans.

For further information on the work we’ve done previously, head over to our case studies section. To speak to a construction logistics expert, contact us today.

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