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Dedicated Delivery: What Does It Actually Mean?

Here at Speedy Freight, we’re pretty proud of being dedicated couriers. But we know that the term might not mean as much to some people. We wanted to bring a little insight into just how beneficial dedicated delivery can be for our clients – and why it’s something we’re really proud of.

Our clients recognise that our dedicated delivery service means a faster and more efficient service – as we won’t stop to collect or deliver anyone else’s goods along the way. But there are plenty more benefits of a dedicated delivery service than just a faster turnaround time. Thanks to our dedicated consignment service, our clients can benefit from a hugely reduced risk of damage to any goods, their own dedicated delivery driver to stay with the goods from A to B, and a transparent and reliable service. Read on to find out what our dedicated delivery means for you – and why it’s such a big part of Speedy’s service.


What is dedicated delivery?

Dedicated delivery, to put it simply, is the way we do things here at Speedy Freight! Our dedicated delivery courier service is exactly what it sounds like. A dedicated courier service is devoted to the safe and efficient transportation of one client’s consignments at any one time – which means any Speedy vehicle you spot is only carrying one client’s goods.

There are a huge number of benefits to this practice – the efficiency, safety, and security of our service and protection of your goods.


How does Speedy Freight ensure dedicated transportation?

Speedy Freight ensures that this dedicated transportation is always the case by never co-loading our vehicles: we transport our clients’ goods on their own, never adding in a second client’s items into the vehicle in which it is to be transported, or using the vehicle to make other, unrelated trips.

Without the need to make further stops for pickups or drop-offs, our drivers additionally avoid making any unscheduled stops or trips throughout the journey; which cuts down the delivery time for our clients. Our clients additionally enjoy the added sense of security that they have with the knowledge that their driver heads straight from A to B without making unplanned journeys en-route.


What are the benefits of dedicated delivery?


One of the most obvious advantages of dedicated delivery is of course the reduction in time and huge boost to efficiency that this practice can deliver. Despite the fact that it might sound counter-intuitive, co-loading often causes hidden delays that the end client is unaware of. For instance when goods are moving to or from Europe following Brexit, when co-loading is a common practice in a courier company, just one client’s goods missing the correct paperwork means the whole vehicle load could be delayed.

In some cases, the specific goods with incomplete or incorrect paperwork will be unloaded and left behind, but in others the whole load could be delayed by a week. It isn’t hard to see how just one error on the part of another company, could therefore impact multiple businesses! It’s also true that overloading vehicles can have an impact on when they set off – giving us another advantage when it comes to dedicated delivery.

Security & Safety

Another huge benefit of dedicated delivery is that clients limit the risk of damage to their items by not transporting them with items of other businesses-  which otherwise (as is the case in many other UK-based courier companies) may pose a risk to their consignment. We can move whatever you need, whenever you need it – without having to cram it into an overfull vehicle. Goods will be strapped and secured in place.

Here at Speedy Freight, we aren’t limited by vehicle size, or even having to fill articulated lorries. Speedy Freight enjoys access to a fleet of over 4,000 vehicles – from our small vans right up to articulated lorries and specialist vehicles like refrigerated vehicles, car transporters, low loaders and more.


Dedicated Delivery to Europe

Here at Speedy Freight, we’ve always specialised in same day courier services across the UK and Europe. Now the UK has withdrawn from the European Union, at this current time we recommend our clients plan European consignments at least a week in advance. The fastest that it is possible for UK couriers to turn around a European booking is 48 hours at this current time; which indicates everything from booking to filing the paperwork, dispatching the required vehicle and travelling to the end destination. Once everything is in place and we have a streamlined process for our clients, Speedy Freight can become your first contact for any European runs, provided all factors remain the same, i.e same vehicle type and products with the same commodity codes.

In addition to this, Speedy Freight is aware of the ongoing situation at ports and major 3PL’s putting EU imports and exports on hold. At Speedy Freight, we have a central support service in place, supporting our international courier service as well as our network branches throughout the UK and Ireland.

We’re supporting clients through the paperwork completion and have a handy checklist – learn more about the process of importing and exporting to the EU here. Speedy Freight can support businesses who would ordinarily use an overnight service to move goods to their customers, national distribution centres or regional hubs. If clients experience delays with goods coming into the UK or moving to the EU, Speedy Freight can operate an in-country and same-day service to ensure you can deliver on your promises to your customers, always.

To speak to Speedy Freight to arrange your dedicated delivery, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and one of our experts will be more than happy to arrange your collection.

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