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How To Ensure Your Supply Chain Is Managed This Winter

As we approach the winter months, it is key to make sure your supply chain is maintained and prepared for Christmas. Stay ahead of the curve this winter, with a dedicated courier service from Speedy Freight.


Summer is over, and for retailers, that only means one thing…Christmas is coming! It may only be September, but with the peak winter trading season coming up, it’s time to start planning for the upcoming months. An airtight supply chain during the winter trading season is the most essential factor to ensure everything stays up and running as it should, to ensure continuous quality for clients and customers.



When choosing the right logistics partner to meet your transport needs, it’s important to assess their flexibility. You may not always require the same services, or might need a range of different services from your courier. Hub-and-spoke delivery is a cornerstone of retail, accounting for over 99% of all retail deliveries worldwide. The system of ordering goods from a retailer’s warehouse, where it is sorted into regional hubs and then delivered to consumer homes, has dominated delivery for years. Here Speedy Freight support getting goods from the regional hubs to the local Hubs., With e-commerce, the use of click-and-collect systems are gaining in popularity. For those with hectic schedules or long working hours, the ability to collect a parcel from a designated local spot offers multiple advantages. Your chosen logistics partner should be able to maintain various delivery systems, in order to keep you ahead of the curve. At Speedy Freight we support many large retail organisations to get their goods, in bulk, to click and collect locations, only transporting their stock with our dedicated deliveries running several times a day from their regional depots to store.


It’s also a common occurrence for customers to expect same day or next day delivery, which your organisation might not be prepared for. At Speedy Freight, our retail courier service is able to deliver on promises by supporting your same day requirements to meet same day orders or support the movement of goods between hubs to enable your next day delivery. 


No matter your courier needs, Speedy Freight can create bespoke solutions for retail delivery, which can vary enormously. For instance, in our support for a major furniture brand based out of the UK, our bespoke delivery service included both delivery to retail stores as well as a new white-glove service incorporating delivery directly to customers’ homes. 


We are also able to remain flexible thanks to the range of over 4,000 vehicles at our disposal. Ranging from Short-Wheel Base and Long-Wheel Base vans, to Luton Vans or even to 7.5 tonne trucks and artics, rest assured we’ve got you covered at Speedy Freight. 

All of us have experienced the stress of last-minute Christmas shopping, only to find that the store in question has run out of the one thing you were after. The rush of next-day delivery ensues. Ensuring that your supply chain is maintained this winter will in turn keep stocks high during the seasonal peak – when you need it most. In addition, the poorer weather conditions during winter can also affect your supply chain, if not properly maintained. Ensuring your delivery service is properly organised and equipped can help prevent eleventh-hour emergencies, empty shelves and unsatisfied customers.


No matter your industry, the festive trading peak is guaranteed to affect your stock management and chain of supply. So how can you ensure your supply chain is maintained this winter? With our guide below, you can predict and prepare for the impact of the winter season, ensuring your goods are delivered on schedule whatever the weather.


keeping a steady supply chain maintained in winter is vital for peak trading season

Stock and Supplies

Being prepared for the winter rush means ensuring you have enough stock to supply the Christmas present-buying crowd months in advance. Preparing regular deliveries of stock in advance will help to keep your stores full, even in the ever-increasing bustle of the winter months. To help keep the goods flowing, arranging a dedicated courier service to keep supplies steady can take the pressure off. A dedicated courier service like Speedy Freight can be arranged in advance and booked for pre-scheduled dates, guaranteeing that your stocks will be delivered efficiently and directly. Our dedicated service means that your delivery remains our priority, allowing our drivers to work closely to your required schedule. 

We know that last-minute emergencies arise, and can cause real headaches for those in charge; cages missed off your delivery vehicles or not packed in time for the load to leave your depot. Should this happen, Speedy Freight offer a same day delivery service to fix these ‘mop-up’ situations: we can send chasers to follow trunked orders, or go directly to your retail store. Our same day service aims to get your goods on the road within the hour after you place your order, whether the goods are ambient, chilled or frozen foods, clothing, toys or tech- you name it, we can move it.


Local Knowledge 

Colder weather often causes hazardous transportation conditions like ice, snow and sleet. To maintain your supply chain, you’ll need to find a courier service with extensive experience and local knowledge. Things like unexpected road closures and route changes are part and parcel of deliveries during winter, so your courier service needs to be prepared with strong local knowledge in order to be prepared for route alterations to homes or stores. Speedy Freight’s network of local branches means that there will almost always be a local Speedy driver near you, aware of the transportation links and best routes to take. 


Reliable and varied fleet

Particularly over Christmas, your stock orders may change- placing larger orders or different items than are popular over the rest of the year. In line with this, you’ll need suitable transportation. A courier service with a varied fleet, able to transport goods of all shapes, sizes and dimensions is vital over the Christmas period. At Speedy Freight, we have access to a fleet of over 4,000 vehicles. From small, medium, and large vans, specialist vehicles and articulated lorries, our variety guarantees that whatever your courier needs, we’re here for you. 


Stay ahead of the Christmas curve this winter, with a dedicated courier service from Speedy Freight. Simply get in touch with us to organise your planned delivery service, and make sure your supply chain is maintained this winter. 


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