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Everything You Need to Know About International Shipping and Haulage

International shipping and haulage is one of our core offerings here at Speedy Freight. For many of our clients, Speedy Freight is the lifeline when it comes to importing goods out of the UK to the EU or exporting goods inwards from the EU to the UK. 

Of course, following on from the UK’s official departure from the EU on the 1st January 2021, the UK’s regulations for international import and export were redefined – changing the landscape for international shipping and haulage between the UK and the wider world. Here at Speedy Freight, our dedicated international courier service is able to support even the most challenging of international consignments. Our expert fully-qualified international drivers take your goods from A to B without any unscheduled stops or delays; and our experienced administrative teams will ensure that all the necessary paperwork is completed prior to shipping your consignment.  

Our experts have pulled together this list with everything you need to know about international shipping and haulage! So if you’re looking to send goods abroad or import into the UK from international locations – read on! 


What is International Haulage?

International shipping and haulage refers to the international movement of goods between two or more places, which is typically undertaken by courier services by road, sea, or air.

International haulage is a core component of global trade; without a plan in place for the movement of consignments overseas, goods could simply not be imported from countries and exported to other countries! Individuals and companies alike can send goods internationally; though their method of doing so might differ. 


International couriers can typically offer both Import services and Export services; moving your goods either in or out of the country as needed. Additionally, where returns are necessary, couriers like Speedy Freight can assist you with the complicated process of arranging an international goods return. 

How Do I Organise International Haulage?

So, how does it work? Simply put, couriers like Speedy Freight can take the hassle, stress and even planning out of arranging international haulage! Arranging international haulage from the UK couldn’t be easier with a specialised international courier service; who can act either as part of an existing fleet or as your sole third-party logistics supplier.

One of the fastest and most reliable international UK-based courier services, Speedy Freight has over 60 Speedy branches across the UK, all of which can act as the base for our international shipping. Speedy Freight is able to transport your goods abroad, travelling from almost any region in the UK to anywhere in Europe. 


How Do I Export/ Import Goods To And From The UK After Brexit? 

Following on from Brexit, it’s important to ensure that you are following the new regulations for import and export, as well as being compliant with all legislation affecting your international consignment. Here at Speedy Freight, our Brexit service has helped to ensure that we can provide all of our clients with the very best quality of international logistics while staying compliant with documentation, declaration and customs requirements.


To learn more about the legislation required and the services Speedy Freight provides, why not check out our Brexit FAQ’s page and our Import and Export pages 

Speedy Freight has a full fleet of experienced drivers which is available to you 24/7, 365 including holidays, weekends and nights! Our amazing dedicated drivers can operate over long distances, and find the most efficient route to you, as we never co-load our vehicles or make unnecessary stops to other clients’ destinations. For long distances we can provide two drivers, so the journey can be split, allowing drivers to rest, but no delay in delivery time – providing you the goods you need, exactly when you need them. 


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