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EWIB 2021

Lisa Davis, our Branch Manager for Peterborough and Lincoln attended the British Franchise Association McDonald’s UK Empowering Women in Business conference yesterday. Here Lisa shares some thoughts from the ‘Make yourself a little more confident’ session, relevant to everyone!

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1. Talk to yourself confidently and respectfully – no one else talks to you more than you. Negative self-talk can destroy us and make life so unnecessarily difficult. We start to suffer from the ‘imposter syndrome’ suggesting we don’t know what we are doing, we shouldn’t be doing it. You can extinguish all that nonsense over time by offering back FACTUAL evidence…stop imagining and assuming and stick to the facts. Its empowering because when you actually do that all becomes clear.

2. The Yeti. Simple – when you tell yourself you can’t, change it to yet. I can’t…yet. Love that.

3. Nothing is impossible – the word itself says I’m possible! (Audrey Hepburn said that, it’s fab).

4. Find your inner chameleon and stick to it. When we people please and loose our own ‘colour’ we can’t perform at our best. We become tired and demotivated from trying to work in a way that doesn’t work well for our natural ‘self’. Basically, remember who you are, think factually and do not compare yourself to other colours (people!).

5. And ….Take calm and considered action. Keep it factual and take out the emotion which drives your behaviour. That way you will take control back of whatever the situation is.

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