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Finding your same day furniture courier service

Finding the right courier to transport furniture can be a complex process. For furniture retailers and courier services alike, establishing how your organisation’s requirements match up to a courier’s services can be a difficult task! Indeed, given the all-encompassing nature of the term ‘furniture’, there’s no way of knowing whether you are discussing the movement of a set of huge heavy mahogany wardrobes, or a tiny china lamp! As you might expect, there can be no ‘one-size-fits-all approach to the movement of furniture. An added layer of complexity arises when we consider finding a same day furniture courier: this kind of efficiency demands speed and flexibility from a courier. 


Why Speedy Freight? 

Whether delivering to retail stores, moving goods to and from a shipping port after manufacturing, or directly to customers, a same day furniture courier service must be efficient, prepared and flexible, with a fleet of reliable and diverse vehicles capable of transporting a range of items. That’s where Speedy Freight comes in. 


1. Experienced

Speedy Freight are your local experienced furniture courier, specialising in same day and next day deliveries. With a huge fleet of over 4,000 vehicles at our disposal, from Luton vans to Hiabs, Speedy Freight are perfectly placed to meet any furniture consignment needs you may have. Either as your dedicated courier service, or as a supplementary service when your existing courier is unable to deliver, we’re here for you.

2. Dedicated

A key issue with the transportation of furniture is commonly the issue of co-loading: many large courier service providers share their vehicles between clients, to save on space and time. In fact, we at Speedy Freight find that this costs client time (lost in the inefficient movement of their items) and even risks the safety and condition of their goods. 

As a dedicated courier, Speedy Freight never share the space within our vehicles between our clients. When you book a journey with us to move your furniture, rest assured that your goods are the only contents of our vehicle! This means that the journey is exponentially more efficient, as our dedicated drivers simply work out the fastest route from your dedicated pick-up to your chosen drop-off point. No drops, no delays. 

3. Efficient

In addition, we at Speedy Freight are proud to strive for a one-hour window between the time you make the booking and your driver collecting the item in question. This means that when you use our same day service, you can rest assured that the item will be moved on the day in question. Indeed, we pride ourselves on being a 24-hour a day service, 365 days a year, including all Christmas, Easter and all Bank Holidays. Want to check out our reliability for yourself? Our Trustpilot ratings display all recent reviews from our happy customers. 


Our experienced team at Speedy Freight are here to provide courier support when you need it the most, providing a premium furniture delivery service for major retailers and manufacturers. Whether your furniture needs to be hand-delivered to customers, with a white-glove service, or you need a service to take goods from a shipping port, or load it to go to warehousing – Speedy Freight are the number one choice for your same day furniture courier service. 

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