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Five Reasons To Choose Speedy Freight as your Retail Delivery Service

Finding a new retail delivery service can be a challenge for many retailers and large organisations. It is vital to find a courier service which is both reliable and efficient, with experience in providing large-scale logistics solutions to clients of all sizes and industries. It is also imperative to find a courier service which has a varied and diverse fleet, large enough to support large-scale enterprises but select enough to provide unparalleled five-star service. 


Risking poor customer service or late deliveries, by choosing an under prepared courier service to support your organisation, means that choosing a courier is simply not a decision that retailers can undertake lightly. As all retailers know, in today’s world of social media and independent review sites, a negative review can impact even the most well-established retailer. 


A retail delivery service must be efficient, prepared and reliable, with a proven track record of delivering for large-scale retailers to successful outcomes. It is vital to be able to track and contact your chosen courier at all hours, given the unpredictable nature of supply and demand and the industry as a whole. In this guide, we bring you our top five qualities in a retail courier – and the top five reasons you should choose Speedy Freight as your logistics support for retail! 


1. Experienced


To begin with perhaps the most obvious quality you need in a retail delivery service – experience! It is truly vital for your chosen courier service to be able to handle difficult or complex consignments, or high volumes of retail consignments. An inexperienced courier service is a hindrance rather than a help towards busy retailers, who can’t be perpetually on-hand to ensure adequate service is being delivered.

Speedy Freight is an experienced courier service with sufficient resources, varied vehicles and drivers to ensure a smooth delivery, no matter what you need delivering. Over the years we have successfully partnered with multiple retailers all across the UK, providing logistics support and services for well-known household names and brands (see our Case Studies here). 


2. Efficient


Finding a courier service is one challenge- finding a same day and next day courier service for retail can be another thing entirely! Speedy Freight is a same day and next day courier service specialising in retail, to provide you and your clients with a seamless delivery. 


We aim to be with you within one hour from making your booking when it comes to same-day services, making us the clear choice for urgent or last-minute support needs.  If you’re looking for a comprehensive logistics relationship, Speedy Freight is the right retail courier service for you. 


Our customer service is second-to-none, which is a crucial element when it comes to finding a courier service for retail: with our Status Tracker, you’ll even be able to find out for yourself where your items are at on their journey – and contact your very own dedicated Account Manager 24/7 if you have any further queries.


3. Available 24/7, 365 


At Speedy Freight, we know that your needs aren’t always aligned with the conventional Monday to Friday 9-5. Retailers operate much longer hours and typically throughout the weekend; when many couriers do not operate the same attentive service enjoyed by their clients during the week.


This can cause a huge issue for clients with needs arising late at night, during weekends or even during public holidays. For instance, we’re all familiar with the ‘Golden Quarter’ that refers to the Christmas shopping frenzy retail sees in the last months of the year – but imagine your supply chain breaks and you desperately need logistics cover at midnight on December 23rd! Whilst many commercial couriers do not operate during  the holidays, this is where Speedy Freight steps in. 


Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year, Speedy Freight is the number one choice for retail courier in the UK.  Let us protect your valuable supply chain whatever the time of day or year, and give your clients that all-important quality customer service. 


4. Varied Fleet


Many couriers imagine that small Luton vans are efficient transportation for all consignments; and therefore remove themselves from consideration when it comes to delivering bulk consignments or abnormal loads. Speedy Freight enjoys a fleet of over 4,000 vehicles at its disposal, allowing our clients to choose the most suitable vehicle type for their consignment.


Simply visit our Vehicle Types page to find the most appropriate vehicle for your needs. Unsure? No problem – contact us and we’ll be able to assist you. 


5. Trusted


Perhaps the most vital aspect of the modern shopping, retail and e-commerce experience, for the client and customer, is trust. Knowing that your package is safely en route to be delivered on time is the peace of mind that all modern consumers and businesses deserve; so why not secure that for yourself?


Speedy Freight’s five-star TrustPilot rating is the testimony of thousands of happy customers, independently shared on a platform for maximum transparency and visibility. Our clients know that Speedy Freight represents a reliable and trustworthy service. 


Want to see for yourself? Our Status Tracking option allows clients the option to track the delivery or package. With our tracking system, you can check the journey of your consignments, whatever, wherever and whenever it may be. 


Why wait? Book Speedy Freight as your retail courier service today! 

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