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Haulage Holiday Cover: All You Need To Know

It’s a problem many of us are familiar with: the date has been agreed, payment has been taken, perhaps urgent consignments are booked in- and suddenly they clash with a driver holiday! No matter where your company is based, haulage cover is essential. It’s so important to ensure that you have a strong, reliable partnerships with a network of reliable and efficient drivers, who can support your organisation as you seek to deliver five-star support to your clients.

Here at Speedy Freight, our drivers provide expert support to our partners in haulage, offering haulage holiday cover for drivers both in-house and as a replacement for a partner courier service. 


So, what does haulage holiday cover entail – and what do you need to know? 



What is haulage holiday cover? 

Simply put, organisations all across the world will require courier support from time to time. No matter whether it’s a driver holiday, an unexpected absence or your own fleet is at capacity, couriers like Speedy Freight are able to provide you with drivers and vehicles from our own fleet of over 4,000 vehicles in order to assist you. 

This type of relationship can be characterised as short-term support which is provided just as and when it is needed! The covering courier can scale up – or down as needed- in a matter of hours, if they have a diverse fleet and experience. 

The client is not required to commit for a long period; Speedy Freight can supply just interim support or can act in the long-term as needed. 


Local to you

Our regional offices provide national coverage and tailor-made local services.

How can Speedy Freight provide haulage holiday cover? 

Speedy Freight’s courier services are often used to support other freight providers and in-house fleets, which means we are perfectly placed to be either your sole courier service or to support your existing drivers. In the event of a holiday, an unexpected absence or shortfall of your own fleet, Speedy Freight is the ideal UK same day courier service to use as a support or complementary addition to a fleet in crisis or at capacity.

Thanks to our experience, our vast range of vehicles and our reliability, Speedy Freight is the number one choice for many of our haulage partners or clients to act as an adjunct to their services. Speedy Freight’s experience working in a supportive capacity has only grown in recent years: during the COVID-19 pandemic, many UK workplaces and haulage companies were forced to furlough their drivers. This meant that Speedy was required to fill in the gaps for organisations across all industries, providing driver cover to fill gaps in the supply chain. Speedy Freight can provide a standard haulage courier  cover service or a completely bespoke cover for larger or more complex haulage requirements.

When you have haulage difficulties, and need to get goods and materials where they need to be, when they need to be – we’re there. 

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