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How Are Couriers Helping You Move Home This Christmas? 

The nights are drawing in, the weather’s getting colder – and many of us are finding ourselves surrounded by cardboard boxes! No, not quite present-wrapping (although we’d better get a move on with that, too) – but instead, plenty of people are using this time of year to move homes!

Yep, you read that right – the run up to Christmas proves to be a very popular time indeed with those looking to move house. The pull of being in a new home by Christmas attracts lots of would-be movers in November and December – as people seek to settle in quickly and in time for the New Year. After all, January’s busy enough with resolutions, new fitness regimes and new hobbies – why not get the hard bit out of the way before then?

Speedy Freight is one of the courier companies supporting construction this Christmas – as new builds approach completion, there can be a bottleneck of people hoping to get all moved in and settled when their homes are not yet fully constructed! With construction courier Speedy Freight, materials can be moved much faster than if a construction company is simply relying on its own fleet of vehicles. Speedy Freight’s expertise as a construction courier means that our teams are able to support the construction industry as it works hard to have new builds completed by Christmas. Learn how we do construction courier services, in this guide from Speedy Freight.


Christmas Construction Couriers

For those who aren’t as familiar with the Christmas rush, it’s a well-documented phenomenon which sees families use the run-up to Christmas as the time to exchange and complete their property purchase. Often, viewing homes can take place earlier in the year, but completions reach their peak around October and November – last year, an analysis by online estate agent Housesimple found that this tends to be the peak time of year for completions, with an average of 81,974 home sales being tied up in this month last year.

Housesimple’s CEO, Sam Mitchell, commented on the trend that there was “no denying that timing plays a key role in selling a home and an uplift towards the end of the year is a clear sign of people looking to complete on their property before Christmas comes and a New Year begins”.

Mitchell continued: “Expect to see a sudden rush in social media posts over the next couple of weeks as lots of people share photos of their new homes and the ‘key in the front door’ shot, moving in with just enough time to get the decorations up for Christmas.”

Understandable enough – and not a problem if you’re moving into an existing property.


Courier Support For Construction

If, however, these properties are new builds, this means a whole lot of work at this time of year. The Financial Reporter revealed that new builds in December accounted for 11.9% of the total transactions for the year  – and indeed, new builds spike during this period.

In further information, they found that December is the only other month of the year ‘where new build sales hit double-digits as a percentage of total yearly sales along with June’ and reported that December consistently ranks as the equal busiest to the popular summer month (in terms of new builds) since 2015.
So what does this mean for construction? Work, work and- you guessed it-  work! Construction companies tend to be rushed off their feet this time of year – with construction taking place from October onwards and reaching a fever pitch in December.

How can Speedy Freight Help? 

Speedy Freight can offer courier support to the construction industry – using our expert construction courier drivers and our huge range of vehicles to provide ideal support for the construction industry throughout this busy period. Our construction courier team have a wealth of experience in supporting construction companies throughout this and any other periods.


We know that building sites can be extremely busy places-  with space at a premium! We also know that storing large quantities of materials on-site isn’t the way you want to go –  which is where Speedy’s Just-in-Time logistics comes in.


Our Just-in-Time supply chains mean that we can bring your materials to site exactly when they are all needed, without cluttering up the site by bringing goods to the site unnecessarily early – hours or days before they’re needed. That means you don’t need to find a secure location to store them  – instead, you can just wait for Speedy Freight to bring them to your site- and complete your build with no hesitation.


How To Book Construction Courier Services

Simply get in touch with your local Speedy Freight branch to enjoy courier support for construction during this extremely busy period – and help families to make those magical memories in their new home this Christmas.


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