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How Can A Same Day Courier Service Help Your Business This Black Friday?

Since the introduction of Black Friday into the UK from across the shore, shoppers have leapt on the American sale with fervour. The sale day, which falls in late November, last year garnered £1.23 billion in UK revenue, from both in-person and online shoppers. Black Friday sales have represented an enormous boost to both American retail sales and those further afield, particularly in the past few years. Preparing your business for Black Friday can be an enormous stress: with this guide from Speedy Freight, find out how a same day courier service can help your business this Black Friday!

Put simply, Black Friday is a huge deal for retail. With a growing reliance on the availability of online shopping, with the increase of mobile sites and apps, the Black Friday sales look set to increase even further, particularly online in 2021, due to restrictions imposed due to the global pandemic. This technology represents a further sale on its own; ‘Cyber Monday’ is an increasingly-used term for the Monday following Black Friday, and refers to the spike of shoppers searching for online sales in the aftermath of the retail frenzy. Retailers often prepare months in advance, bracing themselves for the rush of shoppers keen to secure a pre-Christmas deal in the run-up to the festive period. 

This year’s Black Friday date is just weeks away, set to take place on November 26th. It’s more important than ever that retailers can learn to adapt and be flexible in order to meet shoppers’ expectations. For instance, faced with ever-lower prices, rapid shipping, and an infinite selection of goods, retailers adapt quickly in order to survive this competitive commercial environment. Indeed, when consumers make their retail decisions, delivery is a huge factor: 96% of customers admit that their loyalty is impacted by their delivery experience (according to a survey of 1,500 UK shoppers). Today, experience is the product. So, it’s clear that service and delivery is a big deal. A same day courier service is able to help provide your business with the logistics support that can see you through the trading rush of Black Friday.


What does Black Friday mean to Speedy Freight? 


Of course, there’s only one way all those parcels get to the right people! Whether it’s directly to the customer, or vast amounts of stock directed to your national and regional distribution hubs, rest assured that a same day courier service like Speedy Freight will keep you covered this winter. Transporting stock, both individual items and in bulk on a large scale requires a variety of vehicle options depending on the nature of the items.


Building a key relationship with a dedicated courier service is vital to the success of businesses in the lead-up to Black Friday sales and later, Cyber Monday, followed swiftly by Christmas and New Year. Given the time-specific nature of the Christmas gifts business, it’s crucial to the success of your business over the festive period to choose a reliable same day courier service. A same day courier will make sure that those Christmas gifts are ready within 24 hours of being ordered. Our tracked service means you are able to keep up with your deliveries, no matter when or where.


Which courier service can help your business this Black Friday? 


Speedy Freight are your local same day courier service, with over 60 branches spread nationwide across the UK. With access to a fleet of over 4,000 varied vehicles, ranging from small vans to articulated lorries, Speedy Freight can support your retail business in the run-up to the winter sales period. We can move items of any size, perfect for the huge range of goods sold on Black Friday-  no matter the industry! 


In addition, a same day courier like Speedy Freight can help your business by stepping in as a last-minute replacement, should your existing logistics service fail to deliver the goods. Our fast response time means we can be there to pick up your items within the hour, if anything goes wrong with your current provider. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – we’re there, so you know you can rely on us even during the Black Friday period! 


If you’d like to organise the best same day courier service to assist your business this Black Friday, please get in touch with us here at Speedy Freight, and a member of our friendly team will be only too happy to help. 


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