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How Can Speedy Support Same Day Delivery for the Construction Industry?

Here at Speedy Freight, we understand the time pressures of the construction industry. A delay on a project can be hugely costly – both financially as well as in terms of time! That’s one of the reasons why same day delivery for the construction industry is so essential – getting supplies, equipment and raw materials delivered on site exactly when you need them.

Same-day delivery for the construction industry is a core component of our courier services here at Speedy Freight. We know that every construction project has a number of parties involved in the process and the development of a project, and has been meticulously planned out with resources allocated carefully. Timing is everything to give construction firms the best possible chance of comfortably meeting their deadline – which is why we’re here to get your goods to you with maximum efficiency.


Choosing a same-day construction courier

Finding the perfect courier company for construction can be difficult – which is why we’ve put together a guide for how to find your ideal courier here in the UK. You’ll need to ensure that your chosen courier for construction is able to fulfil all of your courier needs on time, has a suitable range of vehicle types and most importantly has a full range of construction courier services to meet your needs.


  • Varied courier fleet
  • Courier services around the clock
  • Trustworthy link in your supply chain


Our Same-Day Construction Courier Services

Here at Speedy Freight, we offer a full range of construction courier services for those all-important project needs. Speedy Freight has decades of experience in providing construction courier services to businesses of all shapes and sizes; from large multinational corporations to small and medium-sized businesses in the UK.


We can move construction equipment and materials both nationally, thanks to the fact that we have over 60 branches, as well as internationally- an ideal service for those operating construction projects in other countries.


  • Speedy Services

Once you’ve made a booking with our construction courier service, your driver and vehicle will be dispatched from our facility to the designated collection point within the hour. We’ll always do our best to make sure our dedicated construction couriers are with you as soon as possible.


  • Dedicated Construction Courier Services

One of the reasons that Speedy Freight’s service is so popular is that our courier service is dedicated, meaning that our drivers go directly from A to B without any additional stops. We’ll never co-load our vehicles with more than one client’s goods, meaning there’s no risk of damage or delay to your – or any other client’s – goods. They’ll be dispatched directly to their intended destination with no detours or additional stops en route, helping things to run smoothly and efficiently.


  • Construction Courier Vehicles

Our range of courier vehicles at Speedy Freight means that we have the capability and capacity to deliver a wide array of construction-related materials and equipment. With over 4,000 vehicles at our disposal in our fleet, our operations team will choose the most suitable vehicle for the job, whether that’s a small van, luton van, hi-ab or 45ft curtain side artic truck. We know that construction equipment can be bulky, but rest assured we’ve got the most suitable vehicles available.


  • Highly-trained Construction Couriers

Our drivers are highly-trained and experienced in all aspects of handling construction consignments, and will find the most efficient route to you. With dedicated service, reliable drivers and decades of experience, you know Speedy Freight can deliver your construction logistics easily and efficiently.


  • Round-the-clock Operations

We know that construction projects don’t always run to the exact times in their schedule – despite best-laid plans (and foundations). That’s why Speedy Freight operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including weekends and public holidays – so that your supply chain emergency doesn’t go unaddressed.


Book Your Construction Courier


Making your booking with UK construction courier Speedy Freight couldn’t be simpler. To find your local branch, simply visit this link and type in your nearest town or postcode.

If you can’t find your local branch, please don’t hesitate to give us a call! Our friendly team is available 24-7, 365 days a year  – including weekends, New Years’, Christmas and any other public holidays!

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