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How Cities Can Keep The Climate Clean: Speedy Supports Birmingham’s Clean Air Zone

It’s safe to say that, in 2021, more and more companies are thinking about our impact on the planet – and what we can do to mitigate it. One city in particular is capturing the nation’s attention this week thanks to a new and innovative project designed to tackle the UK’s air pollution issue. The city of Birmingham launched its Clean Air Zone this week, which has been created in order to target and bring down the city’s high rates of air pollution. 


What is a Clean Air Zone?

The Clean Air Zone will see drivers of vehicles with high nitrogen dioxide (NO2) emissions charged for entry into the city centre, in a bid to improve the air quality of the city. The payment will only apply to those known as ‘non-compliant’ vehicles: which refer to diesels manufactured before 2015 and petrol cars made before 2006. Drivers can check before entry using an easy-to-use online vehicle checker to see if their vehicle is going to be affected by the change before travel. 


Studies conducted by the suggested that around 60% of the 200,000 vehicles that enter the city centre each day could need to pay for entry – so drivers are advised to check theirs. Be warned – it pays to be organised! You won’t be informed whether your vehicle necessitates a payment; instead, you’ll have to check online and ensure you pay correctly and on time. Failure to do so could result in a £120 charge – so it’s crucial that you’re aware of the new rules.  It’s also important to note that if you enter the city before midnight and leave afterwards, this will constitute two days and you will be charged twice! 


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What are the costs? 

Under Birmingham’s new guidelines, pre-Euro-6 diesel vehicles will be required to pay a £50 charge each day to enter the zone, which lies within the A4540 ring road. High-polluting vehicles will have to pay £8/day, for cars, vans and taxis, while coaches, buses, and HGVs will need to pay £50. For couriers, of course, this means a £50 cost when travelling in or out of the city centre. As a national UK courier, Speedy Freight is keen to support the new initiative; our same-day courier service in Birmingham is proud to be based in a city of change.


Speedy Freight is always conscious of our own environmental impact, and where possible,  our teams always look to reduce our emissions. One way in which we strive to be an environmental courier is with our multi-drop courier service offering, which allows clients to book one vehicle for a multitude of different consignments. 


As Birmingham’s favourite same day and next day courier service, Speedy Freight Birmingham is proud to support the clean air initiative of this innovative city.

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