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How Is Speedy Freight Servicing Construction?

Speedy Freight is proud to have served a huge range of industries over the last few decades of our work as same day and next day couriers. One of our most well-served industries is construction, for which Speedy Freight has supplied precise and fast logistics services over the years. Our work with the construction industry has seen us transport paperwork, supplies, and equipment for creating infrastructure, which can include specialist vehicles like trucks, cranes and loaders, in addition to raw materials like stone, brickwork, cement, wood, metal and glass. 


Speedy Freight has provided the construction industry with fast and efficient logistics over the decades. The construction industry relies on everything being planned, prepared for and on time. That’s why it’s essential for clients in the construction industry to trust that they have timely and reliable courier services. 


From moving important documents and paperwork both on- and off- site, transporting construction supplies and shipping materials between sites, Speedy Freight is well-versed in providing efficient construction logistics all across the UK. Read on to find out the huge variety of ways that Speedy Freight helps the construction industry. 


Moving Tools & Equipment

Firstly (and perhaps most importantly for a construction site!) Speedy Freight has extensive experience when it comes to moving tools and equipment. Our work providing logistics for construction has seen us moving a huge range of tools and equipment to service the industry. Whether you need supplies on hand for the first date of a project beginning ,or whether you’ve suffered an emergency breakdown and you require a replacement part or a new piece of equipment entirely, Speedy Freight can ensure you have everything you need to get moving again.  


Moving Raw Materials

Moving raw materials is another central part of providing courier services for construction companies. When it comes to falling short of supplies and materials, there’s very little that can be done until the materials have been replenished. By engaging a construction courier like Speedy Freight, you ensure that your site manager doesn’t even have to leave the site to restock – and is instead able to continue management and protocols onsite until Speedy Freight arrives with the materials in question. 


Emergency Construction Courier Support

Construction emergencies are thankfully rare – but we know they do happen. Given the size and potential risks and dangers inherent in a construction site, it’s perhaps no surprise that there may be emergencies from time to time. Modern safety protocols tend to mean that these emergencies do not pose as much of a risk to the construction workers, engineers or builders as they once did; however, the risk of a faulty part or piece of machinery cannot be ignored. 

Speedy Freight provides emergency logistics for construction, moving new spare parts, replacing entire machines, or bringing emergency supplies of raw materials as needed. Even if the emergency is simply a stock issue, we know that on a construction site, time is money — meaning that you can’t afford to waste any of it. With emergency construction courier Speedy Freight, you’ll get back up and running in no time. 


Freight For International Construction 


Finally, here at Speedy Freight, we’re proud to be a truly international courier service. Our operation and over sixty network branches mean that we can service everywhere in the UK, in addition to being able to transport construction consignments overseas. Thanks to our expertise and experience, Speedy Freight has had extensive experience negotiating the intra-Europe transportation and delivery of items, including being up-to-date with current Brexit requirements needed to move goods in and out of the UK. 


Our Brexit FAQ guide can tell you everything you need to know, and is a useful guide for our clients in construction to assess which documentation is needed before moving goods overseas. If you are still unsure, simply get in touch with one of our experts and we’ll be able to advise you on the specific needs of your construction consignment situation. 


To arrange your construction courier service with Speedy Freight, simply get in touch with Speedy Freight today and we’ll be happy to provide a quote.

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