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How Speedy Freight’s Courier Service Can Be Cheaper Than Van Hire

How can Speedy Freight’s courier service be cheaper than van hire? Easy. For a same day delivery service, you only pay for the outward delivery journey, don’t have the responsibility of paying the driver and needn’t worry about insurance deposits. These are all costs that can quickly build up. 


An Example Of How Speedy Freight’s Courier Service Can Be Cheaper Than Van Hire

To more clearly demonstrate how Speedy Freight’s courier service can be cheaper than van hire, we’ll walk you through an example situation. Let’s imagine that you’re based in Doncaster and require a long wheel base van to transport your goods 90 miles away. If you were to hire a van, you’d obviously have to add the return journey to that, creating a minimum 180 mile round trip. The drive from the van collection point to your loading point will also add on some miles. Taking estimated figures from a local van hire company, let’s look at how the costs work out.



The Van Hire Cost

The long wheel base van hire itself will cost you £50.79 but there are additional considerations to be added to that cost. For example, whoever drives the van will need paying. For 8 hours of work at minimum wage level, you’re looking at a payment of £65.68. That suggested 8 hours breaks down as follows:

  • 1 hour spent collecting the van and signing all the necessary documentation
  • 4 hours of driving (traffic dependent)
  • 1 hour spent loading and then unloading
  • 1 hour returning the van
  • 1 hour for lunch or other breaks (a legal requirement)

You will also be required to pay your employer’s National Insurance Contribution of £9.06. 

Any vehicle needs fuel to run and should you choose to a hire van, it will be you left paying the bill. One of the most popular van hire models is the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter which does 36.2mpg. If we estimate the cost of fuel as being £1.34 per litre of diesel, you can expect to pay £30.36 for the 180 mile round journey. 

Add all of those costs together and you get a total of £155.89, inclusive of VAT on the hire and fuel. With £13.52 paid back through VAT return, you can expect a final bill of £142.37. That’s a price that Speedy Freight can confidently beat. In fact, over a couple of trips, Speedy Freight could save you a significant amount of money, as well as hassle. This applies to both advanced bookings and those made on the day. 

Furthermore, our base calculations don’t account for the other costs and considerations associated with van hire. Take the van hire deposit as an example. The local van hire company’s damage liability is currently £750, which in some locations can be brought down to £250 through a damage liability reduction payment of roughly £20. Business productivity will be hit by the loss of one member of staff for a full day as they’re assigned the task of driving the hired van. There is no guarantee of vehicle availability. If they don’t have your size of vehicle you will either have to hire the next size up at an added cost or wait for the next slot, impacting timescales. 

Outsource your delivery needs to Speedy Freight and you won’t need to worry about such challenges, nor the rising cost of fuel or driver shortages. We’re ready and waiting whenever you need us. As well as being the cost-effective option, we’re also flexible and highly experienced. You can trust us to get your goods where they need to be, when they need to be, at a competitive rate. 

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