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How To Avoid Making A Mistake With Your Courier Service

It’s a scenario we’ve seen time and time again: a client in desperate need of emergency courier services, thanks to a last-minute letdown by another courier service! In the courier world, it’s a tale as old as time – dispatching an emergency logistics team to help a client who has unknowingly invested in an unreliable or untrustworthy courier service. 

Late deliveries, damaged goods and poor customer service can all be red flags that the company you’ve chosen just isn’t for you – and might be the reason you’re moving on. In reality, the true cost of a bad courier service is much higher. When a customer receives late or damaged goods, it might not seem like that big a deal: items can always be refunded or replaced, right? No, the real damage is to your company’s reputation – hidden below the surface, and much harder to fix. 

Of course, it’s not always possible to know when a courier service is going to let you down. Particularly if you have an urgent courier need, it can be tempting to simply go for the first name that comes to mind – especially if they’re well-known. Sometimes, the appearance of being a household name can disguise a brand’s real reputation – which may be well-hidden. Even in these cases, please rest assured that there are things you can do to protect yourself, your company, and your goods from substandard courier services. After all, we all know that choosing the best courier service possible is the fastest way to happy customers! 


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Advice For Choosing A Courier Service 


Choose A Courier With A Good Reputation 

This might sound obvious – but (for the most part) reviews don’t lie. An objective third-party reviewing platform like Trustpilot displays reviews directly from customers, which are published prior to the company reading them. This means that you, the prospective customer, can be sure the company isn’t hiding or deleting reviews which might not be positive – instead, good and bad, the reviews are there for all to see.

Checking a courier’s reputation online can be a simple way to assess if they deliver their promises – and generally speaking, the more recent, the more reliable. One five-star rating from 2003 might not be an honest reflection of the company today – but equally, a one-star review from the same period might not mean the problems still exist in the company. Ratings are subjective, so you’ll need to use your judgement to work out if the company is right for you  – but they should give you an indication of any common themes.


Ask About Their Transportation Options 

Damaged goods typically happen when items haven’t been transported correctly. An easy way to head this problem off at the pass is to talk to your chosen courier about their packing methods, vehicle types and what your options are. For instance, if you need items transported in a temperature-controlled environment, does your courier service offer specialised courier services like refrigerated vehicles? Moving medical supplies such as vaccine equipment or food and beverages would require a carefully calibrated transportation climate – so you’ll need to check that’s on offer before you sign up. 

In addition, a courier which has the type of vehicle suited to your consignment can be an indication they’re a specialist in your field. For instance, if you’re searching for a construction courier, a courier company offering a hiab flatbed is therefore more likely to be experienced in your industry, and more reliable when it comes to delivering the goods. 


Communicate Clearly!

Finally, it’s important to make sure you’re being clear and direct about what you need. Miscommunication is often the biggest culprit behind disappointment, so it’s important to make sure you know – and convey- your requirements. It’s also good to understand your courier’s capabilities and limitations – ironing out any confusion on dates, vehicles, multi-drop services and more. 


Finding a good local courier service in the UK doesn’t need to be difficult. Following our simple guide, you’ll be sure to find a reliable courier service that works for you – every time. 

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