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How Will Brexit Affect My Courier Service?

With the renewed Brexit date set to come into force at the end of this month, it seems that 2020 is set to bring the final instalment of the turbulent Brexit series, which has occupied Britain since 2016. As of yet, there are no fixed facts on whether Britain will be leaving with an EU-approved trade deal, or without one. Of course, any restriction or alteration on Britain’s current agreement regarding the transportation of goods within Europe will affect the courier industry.  

However, you don’t need to worry about your support from Speedy Freight!  Thanks to our diverse fleet and high volume of branches, we know that we have the operational model to continue providing support to all of our clients and keep their goods moving. Thanks to our strong driver network, large vehicle fleet and over 60 branches nationwide, we at Speedy Freight are ready for anything. With this guide from Speedy Freight, find out how Brexit will affect your courier service, and how to plan your movement of consignments in the event of a no-deal Brexit. 



What will change for courier services after Brexit? 

It is not known precisely what form the changes will take for courier services operating both in the UK and the EU. However, in the event of a no-deal Brexit, the government has advised that couriers will need an EORI number to transport goods in or out of the UK. Naturally, new administrative regulations may see a slowing-down of the process of transporting consignments throughout the UK and EU as the nation adjusts to a new process. Another definite requirement post-Brexit will be the need for clear and accurately declarations regarding cargo moving in or out of the UK. At Speedy Freight, we continue to inform our clients of the importance of gaining customs clearance for consignments.


What will happen to my courier service if there’s a no-deal Brexit? 

One of the main threats posed by Brexit is the likelihood of delays. As we reported before Christmas, all goods that travel between the UK and Europe will be required to pass through customs clearance, which means virtually all industries will encounter delays at the border. Whether entering the UK (indeed, there are approximately 4 times as many trucks entering the UK from the EU as there are exiting the UK for the EU) or leaving, delays from insufficient or incomplete paperwork and vehicle checks are more than likely. 


At Speedy Freight, we are on-hand to help with this situation! Indeed, instead of freight being delayed and redirected to National Distribution Centres or Regional Hubs to be split and redistributed on next day or 48-hours delivery services, Speedy Freight can step in. Thanks to the fact that we have over 60 branches throughout the UK, we should remain able to meet both planned and emergency same day delivery requirements.

Another result of a no-deal Brexit will be specific rules for businesses to follow when importing from anywhere outside the UK. As we reported in November, applying for transitional simplified procedures (TPS) are a way in which businesses can ease the transition, as this allows for a 6-month grace period after the import to complete customs clearance processes and even payment. This may also help couriers to reduce delays at ports and borders. 


Another vital aspect for couriers to be aware of, post-Brexit, will be commodity codes. These commodity codes are used to classify the goods being shipped by any one country, which has international recognition to any country that is a member of the World Trade Organisation (WTO). This includes EU countries, which will help to ensure the smooth transfer of items in a new administrative model and allow clients to ensure their consignments remain compliant with HMRC. 


How can Speedy Freight help, post-Brexit? 

At Speedy Freight, our large fleet and next day/ same day guarantee of efficiency means that we are on hand to step in, should your existing courier service be affected by these administrative delays. 

With Speedy Freight’s support, you can stay prepared for the unexpected. We are your local experienced, flexible and reliable courier service, able to transport whatever consignments you need moving. Big or small, within the UK or the EU – we’re there. Simply get in touch with us today to hear how we can provide our courier support to your business.


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