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Is same day delivery more expensive than next day delivery? 

These days, couriers around the UK – and the world! – often offer same day delivery and next day delivery. It’s easy to think of the benefits of same day and next day delivery – a convenient, fast, and safe method of delivering consignments all around the country. Here at Speedy Freight, we offer both same day and next day delivery for our clients; allowing them to choose the service they need from us. Clients often want to know if it is more expensive for Speedy Freight to deliver goods the very same day instead of the next day – so Speedy Freight has the answer.

Same day delivery refers to having your consignment collected on the same day that you place your order – which Speedy Freight aims to do within an hour of you making your booking with us, and delivery that same day!  Next day delivery means that your goods will be delivered the next working day – which, for Speedy Freight, is any day of the week. Speedy Freight breaks down the difference between the two types of courier delivery below:


What is same day delivery with Speedy Freight?

Same day delivery from Speedy Freight means that we’ll deliver your consignment to where it needs to be on the very same day that you place your order.  Speedy’s same day delivery operates on any time of day, any day of the week, and any week of the year – so that our clients in industries operating outside of a 9-5 bracket can continue to enjoy our services.


If you want to make a booking for our same-day delivery option, simply use our booking service to fill in the details of the location and consignment requirements. Our friendly expert courier will aim to be with you within one hour of making your booking – from where they will immediately transport your item to its destination. A dedicated courier service, Speedy Freight will never co-load a vehicle with more than one client’s consignments – letting you know that your items are safely on their way with no delays and at risk of no damages from other goods.


What is next day delivery with Speedy Freight?

Our next-day services from Speedy Freight allow our clients to select an option for the next day – which for Speedy Freight, means any day at all! This is a perfect option if your need is urgent, but you operate on a more conventional working schedule – or perhaps for a consignment that needs to be fast, but not same day.


With our next-day option, simply make a booking here and indicate your preference of next-day delivery. Our experienced drivers will collect your items on the date specified, either travelling directly to your chosen location, or collecting on the day you have selected and storing the items overnight in our safe and security-protected facilities if necessary.


Is same day delivery more expensive than next day delivery?

Clients often want to know which of these options is more expensive – and assume that the same day option costs more than the next day option. Here at Speedy Freight, our costs vary depending on the vehicle chosen, the location that the consignment is to be sent to, and the duration of the journey.


In fact, here at Speedy Freight, we quote each job according to the specifics and requirements that the client may have. Whether a clients choose next day or same day, their goods will be delivered on a  dedicated service. Here at Speedy, we always want to give you the best value for your money – and we think our five-star Trustpilot rating speaks for itself!

To speak to Speedy Freight about making your booking, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly teams, see our Branch Finder for more details on your nearest Speedy hubs.

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