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Is Speedy Freight cost-efficient vs. running your own fleet?

Here at Speedy Freight, finding an efficient logistics provider is the best way for any business to keep their delivery schedule tight and supply chain reliable. For many businesses, the process of first needing and then finding a carrier can raise internal questions about the cost-efficiency of this service. You may be wondering whether hiring an external courier service is likely to be more expensive than running your own fleet. We know that many organisations believe that running their own fleets will cut delivery costs, and therefore reduce overall outgoings. 


In fact, running your own fleet can end up far more expensive than hiring a courier service- or even a van! Associated costs with driver employment, as well as road tax, vehicle maintenance, damage and poor utilisation often mean that running your own fleet can be far more costly than engaging the services of a courier. In this blog post, we’ll take you through how Speedy Freight can be cheaper than running your own fleet. Simply put –  a ‘pay as you go’ solution – read on to find out how! 



Driver Costs 

Firstly, as we’ve already touched upon, driver employment costs can be an enormous burden to your organisation. Costs such as National Insurance, pension, absence, sickness and holiday pay can mount – particularly for smaller organisations. Though these are often overlooked when organisations are deciding whether or not to hire a courier service, these smaller employment costs are an enormous factor in the overall price of running your own fleet. 

By booking with Speedy Freight this burden is lifted  This means that when you select our services, all you’re paying for is the journey! No additional expense required. 

In addition, your drivers in your own fleet are your employees. This also means that they are entitled to take holiday – to make the most of the sunshine elsewhere! This, of course, can leave organisations high and dry.  Unless your organisation has sufficient staff to ensure an ever-rotating driver rota, you’re running the risk of being left driverless in these circumstances. Being unable to fulfil your delivery obligations is a huge risk – particularly in such a review-driven world. After all, you only get one chance at a first impression with your customers – so make it count. With Speedy Freight, you’ll be able to guarantee efficient same day and next day delivery  – with no unexpected hiccups. 



Vehicle Costs



Another often-overlooked aspect of paying for your own fleet is the fact that vehicle maintenance and servicing costs are frequent and routine – adding up to create a substantial payout each year. This is in addition to road tax and vehicle insurance – which for delivery drivers naturally needs to be comprehensive. 

At Speedy Freight, all of these elements are taken care of. We cover all our drivers’ costs for you – making our prices substantially lower than those of in-house fleets. 

With your own fleet, you’ll be required to pay regardless of journey.  If the vehicle is standing or off the road, you will pay.  If your journey requires an overnight stay, your organisation will need to pay for the expenses – of vehicle parking, hotel stays, sustenance and any other costs. With Speedy Freight, you’ll only be paying for one way – your item’s journey to its final destination. 



These are just some of the reasons why engaging Speedy Freight’s services as your same day and next day courier can be  more cost-effective than establishing your own, in-house fleet. With reduced rates available for a fixed plan, you can rest assured you – and your items – are in good hands with Speedy Freight. 



To speak to Speedy Freight about arranging your courier service, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and one of our team will be happy to assist you. 

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