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Logistics for Financial Services 

Logistics for the financial services sector requires reliability, efficiency and speed, just like all the industries Speedy Freight serves. When it comes to the financial industry, logistics services have varying security requirements, some of which do not apply in the same way to other industries.


Speedy Freight has a wealth of experience of the financial services industry and can meet the needs of all different organisations and businesses in this sector. From our secure transportation of highly-sensitive documents and certificates, to the transportation of cheques, cash and other valuables, Speedy Freight has experience in providing secure logistics to the financial services sector.


When it comes to financial services, fast, reliable and efficient courier services are of the utmost importance. The time-sensitive transfer of cheques or cash reserves means that every second counts; whilst the movement of personal high-value items like birth or marriage certificates between safe storage units is a task requiring a courier service with the highest security.


Speedy Freight uses its specialised vehicles and fleet to ensure that all high-value items can be transported safely for national financial institutions. Couriers for banks need to ensure they have access to a varied fleet of vehicles, able to work any day of the week and time of day that may be required, and importantly ensure the safe receipt of all consignments.


Efficiency is paramount when it comes to providing a courier for financial services. With couriers being a critical link in the chain in the movement of money, cheques, and sensitive documents our teams recognise that financial bodies of national importance depend on our speed and efficiency.


Our drivers provide a dedicated delivery service, which means that no vehicles are co-loaded with more than one client’s goods. This means that our financial sector clients can rest assured that the speed of their delivery is unencumbered by the delivery of anyone else’s goods. Our dedicated delivery drivers drive straight from A to B without any unnecessary stops, which provides our financial sector clients with the peace of mind that they’ve selected the most efficient option.



Security is perhaps the single most important factor when it comes to the supply of logistics for banks and other financial sector industries. Thanks to our dedicated delivery promise, our clients know that there is no risk to the high-value consignments in our vehicles from other goods or client stops. Instead, our vehicles offer a secure way to transport any collateral for the financial services industry: we simply move your items from collection to delivery with no additional delays.


This also means that at no point are your items left unattended – whether for a stop or a second or third pick-up or drop-off. In our secure vehicles, your consignments are protected from any damage or theft.


24/7, 365

Our services operate all day, every day – no matter when you call! Whether it’s Christmas Eve or midnight on a Monday, Speedy Freight knows that emergencies or last-minute supply chain issues can occur at any time. That’s why Speedy Freight operates around the clock and through any public or bank holiday – simply put, we’re here to help.



Finally, it’s essential that banks and financial sector service providers have a logistics supplier they can trust. Our work here at Speedy Freight matters to us – so providing a trustworthy, secure service is essential to us. Our five-star TrustPilot rating, hosted and approved by an independent and objective third-party body, means that reviews from our real-life customers are posted in real-time with no moderation from Speedy Freight. We’re proud of our customer service, so feel free to browse through our reviews to see how we’ve helped financial sector institutions across the UK with our logistics services.


If you need any further assistance or information, please don’t hesitate to contact our administrative experts here at Speedy Freight and we can set up your financial services logistics partnership, either as a one-off consignment or a long-term partnership with us here at Speedy Freight.

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