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Logistics for the E-Commerce Industry: Your Questions, Answered!

E-Commerce Logistics: What exactly do you need?


A term that’s often passed around boardrooms and agencies – and is often used incorrectly- e-commerce can be a hard topic to pin down in the digital age! Of course, e-commerce is simply a branch of retail that’s focussed around the digital – in other words, anything involving electronically buying or selling products on online services or over the Internet.

Naturally, e-commerce therefore has a strong relationship to logistics. E-commerce couriers are needed to transport goods from their warehouses, regional distribution centres or hubs to individuals or corporations who have purchased them. Of course, e-commerce is unpredictable, and often national – if not international!

So, what should e-commerce companies look for in their logistics providers? How do e-commerce companies book flexible courier services to flex with demand? As one of the UK’s premier same-day couriers and logistics providers for E-commerce, we’re here to help.


What is E-Commerce Logistics?

Firstly, it’s important to note that e-commerce logistics differs naturally from retail logistics.  Logistics for e-commerce refers to every part of storing and transporting inventory which has been purchased from an online store or marketplace, which additionally involves inventory management and the picking, packing, and shipping of these digital orders.

E-commerce doesn’t involve the middle man of a retailer or a brick-and-mortar store; instead, items are moved directly from the manufacturer to the customer, be that an individual or the corporation.

E-commerce businesses therefore have to ensure that stock and inventory levels are sufficient in their distribution centre or warehouse; and when choosing logistics for their industry, ensure they can secure a reliable solution.


What Type Of Courier Does E-Commerce Need?


  • Same-Day Courier

It’s essential that your courier is able to provide same-day deliveries. Understandably, with the rise of same-day delivery offerings from online retailers, it’s crucial for couriers to offer same-day delivery. Your e-commerce courier should ideally be able to set off in a matter of hours – to get those deliveries where they need to be.


  • Multiple Branches

As we’ve touched on, logistics for e-commerce may be slightly different than logistics for retail in general. For one thing, rather than going to retail hubs for distribution like high street retailers, e-commerce consignments travel from warehouse or stock-site directly to the consumer. This means that it’s essential to find a courier service with multiple branches, in order to facilitate orders going all over the UK – or even further afield.

  • Flexible Logistics

E-commerce logistics additionally need to be flexible, offering support which can increase or decrease as demand rises and falls. It’s therefore important for e-commerce companies to find a courier service that can offer a flexible logistics service, rather than entering into complex, long-running contracts that do not allow e-commerce clients to scale up and down with demand.


  • Reliable Logistics For E-commerce

Of course, it goes without saying that it’s important to find an e-commerce courier that is reliable and experienced. A dedicated retail courier will be able to provide the logistics suitable for both B2B and B2C consignments; but a courier experienced in e-commerce will offer streamlined and efficient logistics solutions for your needs, and be capable of fulfilling orders at pace, during weekends as well as peak and holiday periods!

Finding The Best Courier For E-Commerce

Finding the best or most suitable courier for your e-commerce needs simply means choosing a courier service that is reliable, experienced in e-commerce logistics, and crucially, one that has multiple branches around the UK. It’s also key that your chosen e-commerce courier can supply you with logistics services throughout peak periods, weekends and holidays! For all your e-commerce logistics needs, choose Speedy Freight.


At Speedy Freight, we’re well-versed in the trials and tribulations of e-commerce logistics in the UK. We’ve worked within the e-commerce space for decades, and can provide third-party solutions for all types of retail – bringing bulk shipments to individual stores, delivering directly to consumers, and of course in the digital space. We know that e-commerce can’t wait – so our same-day delivery for e-commerce means that we’ll aim to have your consignment dispatched within one hour of you making your booking.

Booking Your E-Commerce Courier In The UK

It couldn’t be simpler to book your e-commerce logistics services with Speedy Freight. Simply use our online branch locator to find your nearest branch of Speedy’s services, and our expert teams will get back to you with a quote. Alternatively, simply telephone Speedy HQ and our administrative teams will be more than happy to help!

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