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Preparing For Christmas: What Are Express Freight Logistics?  

That’s right – it’s just about that time of year again….

All right – perhaps not quite yet. But it’s September, and we’re just weeks away from the start of that all-important Christmas season! The turn in the weather signals the quarterly-run-up to Christmas, and although your minds might not quite be turned away from September’s warmer days, it’s time to look ahead to the peak season for retailers, manufacturers, hospitality – and well, just about every industry there is.

Of course, peak season in all these industries means one thing for couriers: it’s time to get planning. The ‘Golden Quarter’ as it’s known in retail means that couriers like Speedy Freight are gearing up for a demand on express freight logistics services – the fastest way to transport goods around the world ready for the happiest – and busiest – of seasons. Here at Speedy Freight, our Christmas logistics planning is months in the works: so it’s time to get prepping!

So, what are express freight logistics? How do they help our clients at peak seasons? Should you be organising your scheduled Christmas logistics now? Let’s get stuck in.


What are Express Freight Logistics?

Express freight logistics, simply put, are the fastest way to ensure and guarantee delivery during this peak season for couriers. Often characterised by the fact that orders are placed and fulfilled at short notice, express freight refers to consignments that need to be transported from one place to another, without much warning!

Express logistics are essential for all industries in peak season, but understandably vital when it comes to arranging Christmas logistics. Courier support at Christmas can be difficult to find, so finding a courier service that can provide express freight is a worry solved for companies in all industries!


Express Courier Services For Christmas

Industries experiencing peaks at Christmas like manufacturing, retail, hospitality, marketing and events may have a greater need for express logistics in the festive season – but some industries require urgent or last-minute courier services all year round too. After all, having the correct amount of stock is essential no matter what time of year it is, but is especially of the essence over this hectic season.

Of course, any good business knows that their customers spend time, effort, and thought in planning those festive gifts, outings and trips – so it’s key to keep bringing that gold-standard customer service, which is  a guarantee of return business.

Arranging express courier services over Christmas is therefore the best way to save yourself a headache this winter season (and we’re not talking about an overindulgence of eggnog!). Retailers, manufacturers and others need to ensure that they have a relationship with a courier service which can provide those express or last-minute services if the need should arise – avoiding any delays or disappointment at the other end.

We don’t only serve those customer-facing industries that you might think of – given the nip in the air, it’s perhaps no surprise that construction industries are working hard in the winter months to move many families into their new homes ahead of their Christmas festivities. This means that construction companies need express freight logistics support to move equipment and materials to assist in constructing new builds and ensure all house moves can happen in time for the most magical time of the year.


When To Plan Your Christmas Logistics

As we’ve mentioned, this is the most hectic time of year for courier services. Express logistics are more in demand than ever from September to December, and with a New Year rush expected, it’s time to get organised. Yes, we mean now!

Whether it’s hospitality couriers moving stock, retail couriers frantically distributing their supply and orders, or e-commerce couriers moving Christmas gifts, express logistics around the UK are getting stuck into the frenzy of the season – so get looking! Though you might not be able to plan ahead for last-minute deliveries, making those all-important courier relationships as soon as possible  allows your company to plan ahead for the busy period, and arrange the movement and transportation of any urgent consignments when they arise.


Speedy: Providing Express Christmas Logistics For All Industries


Speedy Freight is proud to be a top UK Christmas courier choice. Thanks to our decades of dedicated service, and our flexible opening times and schedule over Christmas, our couriers are perfectly-placed to assist with all your Christmas logistics needs.

Open for those urgent, express or last-minute courier needs on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, as well as evenings, weekends and 24/7, 365 days a year- we’re right there by your side as you navigate the pressures of the festive season.

Our express freight logistics also operate New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, along with any other day you might need for the remainder of 2021 and as we move into 2022!

No matter your express logistics needs, your location or your industry over this Christmas and New Year period, Speedy Freight is here for you – so feel free to get in touch!

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