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Procuring Your Fleet with Speedy Freight 

When you procure your logistics with Speedy Freight, you’re choosing efficiency, reliability and our years of expertise. When it comes to procuring a fleet, our clients can benefit from Speedy Freight in a way that can be much cheaper than van hire or even running their own fleet. Here at Speedy Freight, our diversity, expertise and commitment means we’re here to help – without costing the earth.

At Speedy Freight, we really are ready for anything. Thanks to our fleet of over 4,000 vehicles,  Speedy Freight can scale up in a matter of hours, with no job too big or too small. Our services are available 24/7, 365 – and we don’t require contracts or upfront commitment to volumes.

How can you go about procuring a fleet from Speedy Freight? What are the advantages of using Speedy Freight’s courier service? Is procurement cheaper than running your own fleet? Speedy Freight is here to help explain how our clients can benefit from our procurement services, no matter what industry they are in. Read on for an outline of our services, and learn how we can provide you with our same-day and next-day logistics for a cheaper, better, and faster logistics partnership than anyone else.


What is procurement? 

Procurement, simply put, is the process of obtaining a fleet from Speedy Freight to support your organisation’s transportation and logistics needs. Much as in other industries, procurement refers to the obtaining or buying of goods and services. In freight, clients who wish to procure their fleet from Speedy Freight are simply paying for the service of receiving our transportation services  – nothing more complex than that! So how and why might our clients go about procuring a fleet from Speedy Freight?


Why procure your fleet from Speedy Freight? 

With comprehensive coverage throughout the UK and Europe, you can be sure of excellent customer service from our logistics team who will be able to supply all clients with their extensive local knowledge. Our 24/7 courier service provides unparalleled logistics services to all industries, including Manufacturing, Print and Marketing, Construction, Retail, Aviation and many more. Thanks to our access to a large number of specialist vehicles, we at Speedy Freight are capable of transporting the most difficult-to-handle, fragile, or high-value items. With access to over 4,000 vehicles here at Speedy across our 60 network hubs over the UK, our clients enjoy access to hi-abs, temperature controlled vehicles, flat beds and everything in between.

Our teams work throughout the night, with services available 24/7, 365 including Christmas, New Year, weekends and public holidays; and our team consists of expert drivers with local knowledge and unparalleled courier service.


Why not simply run your own fleet? 

There are multiple aspects to consider when it comes to dealing with fleet procurement processes. Obtaining vehicles may be your final objective but there is so much to consider of the process when it comes to buying your own fleet – bringing into account tyres, fuel, insurance, replacement parts and replacement components, not to mention staffing costs, your partnership with Speedy Freight may end up saving you money.

Support services such as maintenance delivery, vehicle hire, driver training provision and fleet management technology also have to be a part of the procurement process decisions – and these costly services which are mandatory in your own fleet are all part of our upfront service cost. These hidden costs all combine to make our logistics service more cost-efficient than obtaining your own fleet.

At Speedy Freight we do not require minimum order volumes, or contracts. We can flex to meet your business needs, scaling up and down in a matter of hours, as your business demand changes.

Arranging Fleet Procurement with Speedy Freight 

Procuring your fleet with Speedy Freight couldn’t be simpler. Simply get in touch with your local team today for a no obligation consultation, and we’ll be more than happy to develop a bespoke logistics solution for your business.

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