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Ready, Steady, Roll: How Speedy Is Working With The Film Industry

Here at Speedy Freight, we’re always proud of our diverse set of skills and specialist courier services. One industry that some people may be surprised to learn we can support is the film industry – which we’re proud to have been a part of for some time. Speedy Freight can act as your specialist film courier, transporting everything from film props, set pieces, and equipment, including cameras, lighting and more! Learn how Speedy Freight can provide film courier support for one of the most exciting and fast-paced industries in the UK.


What is a film courier?

If you’re new to the industry, you may be uncertain exactly what remit a film courier covers. Film couriers, essentially, are able to provide logistics for all aspects of motion pictures, movie production, television production and more. This can include anything from the transportation of life-size movie sets, sometimes encompassing whole houses or apartments, to the provision of on-set catering for the talent. With a remit as diverse as this, it’s probably no surprise that your dedicated film courier must be adaptable and able to provide varied logistics!


Finding the best film courier for you

Flexibility and adaptability is just the start of your requirements for a film courier. On a film set, time is money – and it’s imperative that you don’t face any unexpected delays in beginning the day’s work. Often, unexpected hiccups can arise which require last-minute emergency courier support for film sets – whether it’s a missing item crucial to a scene, urgent documents or even a costume, which can delay filming at a crucial juncture. When everything rests on your schedule, you can’t afford to take risks with it.

Finding a film courier means finding a reliable, flexible logistics service that can travel nationally as well as internationally when needed. Your film courier must be able to deploy everything from small vans for minor items to trucks capable of transporting an entire set for a scene. Because a film set isn’t 9-5 work, your trusted express film courier needs to be on-call 24/7, 365 – able to pick up a job at a moment’s notice. Finally, it’s key that a film courier is trustworthy. You wouldn’t risk your production’s success by choosing a courier with a poor reputation or that was just starting out – so don’t take the chance. Choose Speedy Freight as your film courier, and ensure prompt delivery; on time, every time.


Speedy Freight – your new film logistics service

Speedy Freight is the nation’s favourite same-day and next-day courier service, with a wealth of experience in the provision of both urgent and scheduled logistics for the film and television industry. Speedy Freight has years of experience providing courier services for the film industry, with time-critical consignments ranging from film props and other aspects of a film set which are urgently required for filming to continue like lighting rigs, cameras, sound systems.

Our experience with moving high-value, fragile items means no matter what your production requires, we’ll have the logistics system in place to make it work. Our dedicated admin teams work throughout the night to ensure your systems can operate exactly as needed, whether we’re your regular supplier or a last-minute emergency stopgap.


How can you arrange your film courier support with Speedy Freight?

Arranging Speedy Freight as your film and media courier of choice couldn’t be easier. Simply contact our administration team to organise your logistics support for the production industry, any time of the day or night. Here for both scheduled logistics and last-minute supply support, Speedy Freight does it all – so get in touch today.

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