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Speedily Supporting Businesses Of All Shapes And Sizes

When it comes to supporting businesses, Speedy Freight knows a thing or two. Our same day and next day courier service has supported businesses across all industries for decades, and, since our inception, we’ve been part of so many business’ journeys over the years. An important thing about the courier services we offer at Speedy Freight is that we help an enormous range of companies – no matter their industry or size. 

Today, many courier services are highly specialised – meaning that they can only provide support comfortably to one particular industry or size of company. Some SME couriers can only offer support to companies at a certain level, because they do not have the fleet available to provide a larger company with support. Other logistics companies are only able to support huge corporations with multi-national freight – offering only large corporate packages or contracts on a long-term fixed basis. Here at Speedy Freight, one of our core beliefs is providing support to businesses of all shapes, sizes and industries. 

Courier support from Speedy Freight can look different, depending on who’s using our services – and for what. From driver support, where we can supply our expert drivers and vehicles to cover driver holidays, annual leave or furlough, through to doorstop home deliveries, and depot stock transfers – Speedy Freight offers a huge range of courier services across the UK. Read on to find out more: 


Speedy Support, 24/7

Speedy Freight is familiar with the need to be reliable, on time and efficient when it comes to providing courier services. We know that not every business operates 9 to 5, Monday to Friday – which is why we don’t either. Our courier services are available throughout day and night, including public holidays, bank holidays and national holidays – so you know we’re here when you need us. Our dedicated support team is on-hand to provide you with logistics services every day of the year, every step of the way – and at any time of the day or night. Simply pick up the phone to get your support moving and on its way to you. 


Varied Vehicles For Courier Support

Our Speedy fleet is made up of access to over 4,000 different vehicles – ranging in all shapes, sizes and specifications! Our fleet includes specialised vehicles like flatbed trucks, hiabs, and refrigerated vehicles  – ensuring that Speedy Freight can support businesses of all shapes and sizes. 

This diverse range of vehicles on offer means that we can support a huge range of businesses and industries – from offering refrigerated vehicles for moving beverages and food for hospitality, to providing a hi-ab truck perfect for transporting equipment for hospitality.


3rd Party Support 

Speedy Freight is additionally well-versed in Third party support. We can act as your sole courier support service, or we can provide additional support to an existing fleet. Your existing fleet may be unable to fulfil all of your requirements, provide sufficiently specialised vehicles, operate during an emergency or perhaps even your full hours of operation. Speedy Freight’s 24/7 support means that we can be there when other couriers can’t – offering you logistics support to add to your existing fleet, whenever you need it. 


International Courier Support

Speedy Freight provides logistics support across all industries, as your fast, reliable, and efficient courier service here in the UK. We can additionally provide international courier support – moving consignments all over the UK and Europe, thanks to over 60 branches. When a consignment needs to be moved overseas, Speedy Freight can assist with the documentation and paperwork required for a post-Brexit transportation of goods to Europe. For more information, please see our Brexit FAQ’s – where we explain everything you’ll need to know for international courier support. 


If you’d like to speak to Speedy Freight about arranging your logistics support, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experts, who will be more than happy to help you.

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