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Speeding Up Service, With Dedicated Delivery Post-Brexit 

Here at Speedy Freight, we know that Britain’s recent exit from the European Union has been cause for consternation for many of our clients looking to transport their items between the United Kingdom and countries in the European Union. Though undeniably the protocol and process for moving items between the United Kingdom and countries still remaining in the EU has changed, there’s no cause for alarm.

Here at Speedy Freight, we’ve implemented a number of measures – many well in advance of the UK’s transition period – so that we can be best-placed to help our clients transition their business and personal consignments. With a number of new processes, codes and certifications now needed to move goods to or from any of the four nations of the UK (England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales) to or from any countries in the EU, it’s important to ensure that your courier service is able to continue providing the necessary assistance to help guarantee that your international trade is not interrupted.


How can Speedy Freight Help, Post-Brexit?

Speedy Freight is able to provide support to all of our clients and customers when it comes to speeding up dedicated delivery post-Brexit. Our operational teams have worked closely to government guidelines and regulations to bring you a complete list of Brexit FAQ’s, Brexit must-haves and any further legislation guidance that might assist our clients here in the UK or overseas looking to transport goods.

There are several items that you will need to have in place in order to move goods to or from Europe now, in a post-Brexit political landscape. This list of new compulsory duties, taxes and numbers includes the relevant documentation, the Custom Procedure Codes for your items (this will vary depending on the nature of the item), the relevant Tax and Duty to pay, your EORI number and much more. If you have not already implemented these necessary steps, or perhaps are just beginning your first foray into international transportation of goods, Speedy Freight has a number of guides and articles including all the steps you’ll need to take before you can continue or begin trading to and from Europe.

Finally, with Speedy Freight’s dedicated delivery service, our clients can enjoy the peace of mind afforded them by our direct and door-to-door service, with no unnecessary stops along the way.


What is Dedicated Delivery, and why is it important? 

Speedy Freight offers a dedicated delivery service for our international clientele. Our dedicated delivery service means that we’ll never co-load vehicles with consignments from more than one client: each client that books a journey with us will have their items transported in a vehicle that does not make any other stops or journeys en-route.

Though many commercial couriers operate a co-loading service, here at Speedy Freight, we find that this approach causes unnecessary delays and even risks damage to consignments; as overloading the vehicle is an all-too-common way of fitting many more stops into one journey.

On their journey from the UK to their European destination, your consignments will not make any unnecessary stops – as our partner drivers simply transport items directly from A to B. This means that you can not only be sure you’re receiving the most efficient service from our couriers, but also that you can track your items’ journey. Our Speedy Freight Status Tracking app allows clients to see the progress of their consignment, so that you have full knowledge of your goods’ location at all times.

Using Speedy Freight’s dedicated delivery service can help to speed up your international consignments. The process of transporting goods to or from European countries post-Brexit has already meant that delays are becoming more frequent – with incomplete paperwork or unpaid tariffs slowing down logistics. Here at Speedy Freight, we not only commit to our dedicated delivery promise, speeding up the transportation and delivery process; but we additionally help you to ensure all of your paperwork is in order well before we begin an international journey.

Thanks to our reliable service, our Brexit compliance service and our dedicated delivery, Speedy Freight is your number one choice of international logistics supplier post-Brexit. To speak to our administrative experts today about arranging your logistics service with Speedy Freight, simply get in touch with us here and our teams will be more than happy to help you.

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