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When it comes to providing on-demand courier services, Speedy Freight delivers! Thanks to our dedicated drivers, our access to a fleet of over 4,000 vehicles, and our varied range of specialised courier services, Speedy Freight offers our customers logistics support of all kinds. Whether it’s third-party support, an adjunct to your existing fleet or you need to use Speedy Fleet to run your full logistics, Speedy Freight’s courier services can support your logistics services no matter what industry you’re in. 


In this article, we outline some of our best-loved courier and specialist courier services that our clients have relied on for decades, to get their goods where they need to be. 


Urgent / Same-Day Courier Services

Speedy Freight offers ad-hoc courier services to support all industries with their logistics needs. Our ad-hoc courier services do not have to be scheduled or contracted; instead, Speedy Freight is able to provide last-minute or urgent courier services to tackle last-minute logistics requests. 

Ad-hoc courier services tend to be time-sensitive, which is why our teams here at Speedy Freight operate 24-7, 365. No matter the time, day or date of your logistics issue, Speedy Freight can answer your call – including nights, weekends and public holidays including Christmas and New Year! Our on-demand urgent courier service is available as our same-day delivery service, and we aim to get our drivers out to meet you within as little as one hour after your request.


Next-Day Courier Services

If your ad-hoc need is less urgent, our book ahead and next-day courier service is available and simple to arrange on the phone or on our mobile booking form. With our on-demand next-day courier service, simply contact our administrative teams at any time of day and at any day of the week, and make your booking. 

If you require specialised vehicles, such as a large hi-ab truck or a refrigerated vehicle, our teams will ensure that this is factored into your booking, which will take place the next day. As Speedy Freight operates during weekends, there’s no need to wait until the next business day – we’ll get our vehicle out right away. 


Scheduled Courier Partners For Third Party Support

Of course, we aren’t simply on-hand for ad-hoc or emergency courier needs. Speedy Freight can act as your scheduled courier partners, whether as part of your existing fleet and an adjunct to your logistics operation or as your sole logistics provider. We have many existing clients in a whole range of sectors; from retail to construction and from hospitality to aviation, with whom we act as the sole or support logistics courier partner. 

Our access to a range of over 4,000 vehicles means that our fleet is perfect to either use as an addition to your existing courier network, supporting distribution drop-offs and collections, or to provide you with a number of vehicles to act as your own fleet. 


Refrigerated Vehicles 

Our specialised vehicles range from large vehicles perfectly equipped for the transportation of large, bulky or abnormal loads to our specialised temperature controlled vans. Our on-demand refrigerated courier services are perfect for a variety of industries, ranging from the transportation of food and beverages for hospitality to the movement of lifesaving medical supplies and biological samples for the medical industry.


For instance, in a recent job, Speedy Freight’s transportation of vaccine ingredients to combat the Covid-19 pandemic, which required refrigerated vehicles to ensure they are fit for purpose.


High Value / Delicate Consignments 

Speedy Freight can additionally provide on-demand courier services for high-value and delicate consignments. From moving extremely important and irreplaceable documentation, such as confidential documents and contracts, to moving high-value items such as jewellery and priceless paintings, Speedy Freight has a wealth of experience in providing high-value courier services. Our trustworthy, reliable delivery service has earned us 5 stars on independent review platform TrustPilot – so you can rest assured that we’ll get your goods where they need to be. 


Find your perfect on-demand courier service, with Speedy Freight. Contact us today to get a quote or to book your consignment – your local Speedy team will be only too happy to help!

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