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Speedy Freight Provides Delivery Support for Holidays or Furlough

Here at Speedy Freight, our services are often used in conjunction with other freight providers and owned fleets, as additional support. Speedy Freight are perfect to use as a support or complementary addition to a fleet in crisis or one that is at capacity, thanks to our access to a large varied fleet, specialised vehicles and our reliable service. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Speedy Freight has been acting in this supportive capacity  more than ever before. Due to the nature of the pandemic, large numbers of workplaces have had to furlough their drivers.

Naturally, the furlough scheme reduces the number of employees who are able to perform tasks in the workplace – and where this impacts delivery drivers, many organisations and industries have been left with a broken supply chain. This is where Speedy Freight comes in. Speedy Freight is able to cover the gaps in your supply chain left by these unexpected events, and can not only fulfil, but even begin to boost, any existing KPIs. 

In addition, Easter holidays are quickly approaching and children will be officially off school once again. This is likely to mean mean many businesses running their own fleet, or companies using local courier services may experience the need to cover driver annual leave, something Speedy Freight can support throughout the year with no problem at all.


Why might you need delivery support? 


As stated, the furlough scheme has left many workplaces operating on a smaller-than-usual number of staff. Self Isolating requirements have also put a strain on companies’ fleet and driver resource. In the cases of delivery drivers, this directly impacts the operations that the company is able to undertake – and directly once again, how many deliveries are able to be made. Alternatively, employees making the most of this chance to take a holiday may be on their annual leave – leaving you without a workable delivery solution. Look no further – Speedy Freight is the answer. 


What can Speedy Freight do? 

In cases like these at Speedy Freight, we can offer short-term support when companies need it – whether they outsource or whether they run their own fleet. We can scale up in a matter of hours, and indeed, back down again! This does not require the client to  commit for a long period, as Speedy Freight can both act in the interim as support or become a long-term supplier. In the case of the former, no contract is required. Simple! 


In the case of one nationally-known high street and online retailer, prior to the lockdown, Speedy Freight were initially enlisted to provide small-scale support. This support began in the form of three journeys per day, delivering stock from regional depots to retail stores for customer same day collection. The impact of the coronavirus quickly made itself felt, and the retailer in question required more and more support. The journeys quickly scaled up within two weeks to 500 vehicles on the road a day – and by the fourth week of the partnership, Speedy Freight were providing 1000 vehicles per day for the client, delivering goods directly to customers’ homes.


The strength of the Speedy Freight network is what made this scale-up possible – with a fulfilment rate of 99.78% (and a completion delivery rate of 99.93%), Speedy Freight not only met but exceeded the initial KPIs which were set. In each job, Speedy Freight are committed to providing clients with a continuity of their existing service level, in each of our partnerships and collaborations. 


If you would like to learn more, get in touch with us at Speedy Freight. We can provide you with our courier service, either as a stop-gap or a more fixed level of support – whatever you need, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. 

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