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Speedy Freight’s Warehousing Service 


Here at Speedy Freight, we know that our clients may have hugely different needs from one to the next. Whether you’re looking for a specialised high-value goods courier service, or looking to move retail goods in bulk – Speedy Freight can offer the perfect courier solution for your needs.

This is why Speedy Freight is additionally able to offer our warehousing service – by storing goods for our clients in our high-quality, secure warehousing storage units, we can adapt to what our clients need. In this article, Speedy Freight explains what ‘warehousing’ actually means, how it can be useful and when you need it – as well as why Speedy Freight should be your number one choice of courier for warehousing solutions.


What is Warehousing? 

Many of our clients are familiar with the concept of warehousing without being familiar with the term itself! Here at Speedy Freight, we’re always happy to explain the ins and outs of the process to our clients. Warehousing is the act of storing goods that will be sold or distributed later, and this service can be performed for businesses of all sizes.


Why use Speedy Freight’s Warehousing service? 

Here at Speedy Freight, no two jobs are ever the same. This means that our warehousing service is flexible and adaptable, and can be completely bespoke to your needs. Our warehousing client base here at Speedy Freight can be scaled up or scaled down to suit businesses of all sizes, and our clients range from nationwide retailers to manufacturers and wholesalers! Clients also have peace of mind knowing we’re full members of the UKWA (United Kingdom Warehousing Association) benefiting from the work of the association’s specialist committees and functional groups.

Flexible Options

Speedy Freight provides warehousing storage throughout the UK, to small and medium-sized businesses. Our flexible approach enables us to cater for much larger operations too – scaling our warehousing service up or down as needed. Whether you need a single unit or a much larger space in which to store your goods, Speedy Freight’s expertise and adaptability means that we are able to provide you with unparalleled service no matter your needs.

Specialised Storage 

Speedy Freight is able to provide both long and short-term storage solutions; from several days to several months. Our storage solutions are ambient and perfectly-calibrated to keep your goods in perfect condition

Adaptable Storage Period

Speedy Freight has a complete storage facility in each of our strategically-placed warehouses across the country. Thanks to the fact that Speedy Freight has over 60 branches nationwide, as well as access to a fleet of over 4,000 vehicles at our disposal, Speedy Freight can offer customers a complete and flexible storage facility together speedy transportation.

Container terminal management
Our advanced container terminal management and control system optimises every aspect of the movement and storage of cargo in and around the container terminals or ports. The system drives optimal use of assets, labour and equipment, planning workloads and receiving real-time information that enables cost-effective, improved decision making.


New site

Our Milton Keynes branch are the latest branch to offer warehousing capabilities to their local clients after moving to a 3,000 sq ft facility, further enhancing their value added services.


Whether you need your items storing for several days, a week, or even several months, you can rest assured that Speedy Freight will take care of your items. Our top-of-the-range security systems and our expertly-trained drivers can safely, easily and conveniently store whatever you require.

We truly value the fact that every company is different, which is why no two warehousing solutions are the same. For more information on our Warehousing services, and how Speedy Freight can store your goods safely and easily, please get in touch with our expert team. We’re available 24/7, 365 days a year – meaning that whatever your issue, it will be resolves efficiently and easily. So when you need a courier to store your goods – think Speedy Freight.

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