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Speedy’s Same Day Delivery for the Events Industry

Marketing and events is a fast-moving and ever-changing industry – so supply chain disruptions or equipment being late isn’t an option. Finding a UK courier for events and marketing is therefore a difficult process, as clients need to narrow down a courier which is both experienced and reliable without charging extortionate costs.


What Does An Events Courier Do?

Firstly, it’s key to note that event couriers need to be hugely versatile, given how much events can vary. Whether you’re stocking an entire music festival for thousands of people, decorations and furniture to a corporate event or a major sporting event, it’s important to note that no two events are the same. This means that logistics for events can range from supplying food and beverages to large events, ornaments or decorations, lights, staging and sound systems – meaning a varied fleet of vehicles is absolutely essential.

As we’ve talked about, same-day delivery is also key for events. Given that events can be months in the planning, require large budgets and the coordination of many different aspects, like music, food, and even entertainment, you can’t afford to be out of step. Same-day delivery needs to be rapid, which means your couriers need to be reliable and experienced to get your goods there on time.

Who Needs an Events Courier?

From sports fixtures to food festivals to music, events are a hugely varied industry. Our range of vehicles means that we’re always well-equipped to provide same-day logistics for all manner of events across the UK. Given how hugely varied the events industry can be, our couriers have to be adept at handling consignments designated for all industries!  Our courier services have been used for a huge range of events over the decades, including:

  • Corporate parties
  • Press and PR Events
  • Conferences
  • Music festivals
  • Sports fixtures
  • Restaurant, bar and hotel launches


Finding The Best Same-Day Events Courier Near You


  • Multiple Vehicle Types In Fleet

Firstly, our varied fleet is one of the core reasons why so many of our clients choose Speedy Freight for events and marketing. With flatbed trucks and Artic Trucks available, Speedy Freight’s events courier services can transport any bulky or large equipment like sets or stages that your event may require, as well as using our specialised refrigerated vehicles which are essential to move food or beverages.

  • Efficient Same Day Courier Service

We know how important it is to be efficient. That’s why our same-day events courier service aims to be with you within one hour of you making your booking – to make sure that things run as smoothly as possible. Thanks to over 60 branches available up and down the country, you can rest assured that Speedy’s perfectly placed to cater to any UK events; no matter where they might be!


  • Reliable, with Tracking Options

Finally, our Status Tracking option proves hugely popular with tightly-timed events like gigs, festivals and weddings: Status Tracking allows you to keep track of your items and keep your eyes on the consignment, with regular updates and check-ins between our driver and your team for maximum efficiency.


Booking Your Same-Day Events Courier, With Speedy Freight

At Speedy Freight, we’re experienced in all aspects of events and marketing logistics. With a rapid response time, a varied fleet, and 24-hour logistics, an exhibition courier like Speedy Freight can quickly help you get moving again. Same-day delivery is a core component of events management, where a missing piece of equipment like a lighting rig or some missing flowers can impact the entire day. With Speedy Freight, never risk any costly delays, with our efficient and reliable same-day delivery for events.

Arranging your same-day events courier services couldn’t be easier. Simply find your local branch with our Branch Locator to find your nearest branch, or call our customer service HQ for more information. Our experts are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a year – so whatever time or you need to arrange your events courier, we’re there.

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