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Stay prepared for the January sales with a retail courier service

Christmas has been and gone, and alongside the flurry of resolutions, gym-joining and new diets, there’s one thing on everybody’s minds – January sales! That’s right, it’s the post-Christmas trading peak, and many retailers are already preparing for (or well underway with) the process of clearing winter stock to make way for new product ranges. After Christmas and Black Friday/ Cyber Monday, January is a reliably busy period which sees retailers slash their prices, often offering dramatic discounts for shoppers. So, how can you stay prepared for the rush of activity (and the inevitable drop in your stock levels)? The simple answer is securing a reliable retail courier service in order to support your supply chain throughout this second trading peak, who will remain on hand to move stock between depots, or directly to customer homes. 


What are the advantages of a retail courier service?

There are numerous advantages of sourcing a dedicated retail courier during this January rush. Just some such advantages are detailed below:



It is essential during a period like Christmas, Black Friday or January sales that retailers are able to maintain an edge over their competitors. Given that all major retailers nationwide and even globally are engaging in the same or similarly discounted prices, it’s a safe bet to assume that most – if not all! – are also promising same day or next day delivery. 


In such a competitive climate, retailers cannot afford to risk the efficiency or condition of the delivery – any delay or issue is a guarantee of losing customers. As such, it is essential to ensure that your chosen retail courier is a dedicated courier, which never co-load their vehicles with both your items and other clients’. At Speedy Freight, we never co-load, ensuring both the most efficient route (direct from pick-up to drop-off) and ensuring the safety of your goods in the vehicle. 



In order to ensure your retailer is prepared for a hectic and demanding period of traffic, it is equally important to engage the services of an experienced retail courier. Speedy Freight have years of experience as a retail courier across multiple industries within all regions of the UK. Whatever your needs: whether it’s direct transportation from your organisation to clients, or the collection of goods from a distribution hub to a local depot, we’re there. 


Speedy Freight are experienced in both being the sole courier for our clients as well as providing last-minute support where an existing courier has let them down last-minute, as a supplementary service.



Whatever your industry, we at Speedy Freight understand that your needs are likely to vary! That’s why we have access to a dedicated fleet of over 4,000 vehicles, ranging from small vans perfect for transporting smaller consignments, to 45ft curtain side Artic trucks for those hefty loads! Whatever you need to transport to your waiting customers – Speedy Freight can do it.  

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