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The Top 3 Things You Need To Know About Moving Food

Moving food via courier? You need to read this. When it comes to transporting food via courier, there are a few essential things that everyone needs to know. Moving food can be a part of multiple different industries; from moving ingredients to hospitality, to moving canapes for events, and even to moving food vans and trucks for festivals. Food couriers in the UK have a multitude of responsibilities, from carefully temperature-calibrated environments to taking the most efficient direct routes – so it’s important to choose your food courier carefully! 

There are a number of things it’s vital to check before you choose a courier for food – no matter what industry you’re in. Read on to find out our top three things that you need to know about moving food. 



Firstly, as you might expect – efficiency is key. Unlike other consignments, food – and ingredients – spoil. So, whereas a delay in moving another consignment, like an item of furniture or a spare part for a conveyor system, might only result in a frustrating waste of time, the risk of delay in food-based couriering services is that far more is at stake. Therefore, it’s essential to choose a courier company that can provide you with the most efficient food courier service available. 

Speedy Freight offers a dedicated delivery service, which means that we’ll never co-load our vehicles with more than one client’s goods. This means that our clients can rest assured we are taking the most efficient route to fulfil their delivery needs; without making any unnecessary stops along the way to pick-up or drop-off of another client’s items. 


Speedy Freight can additionally provide support for pre-planned events as well as last-minute requirements, across a huge range of industries. 


Temperature – controlled vehicles

It’s also important to understand what the notion of ‘temperature-controlled’ vehicles means, and the range of temperatures that are available. At Speedy Freight, our clients have exclusive access to our range of temperature-controlled vehicles which are ideal for the transportation of numerous consignments such as medical equipment, samples or food and beverages. In these vans, temperatures can be as low as between -22 and -18 degrees Celsius.

How cold you need the vehicle to be will depend on the nature of the consignment and the team at Speedy Freight will find the right vehicle for you.


Local to you

Our regional offices provide national coverage and tailor-made local services.

Vehicle types 


It’s also vital to ensure that you have the right vehicle type for your needs. Again, this will depend on your exact consignment – what type of food you are moving (full meals, ingredients, pre-made canapes etc.) and of course the volume thereof.  You’ll need to find a food courier service which can provide you with temperature-calibrated vehicles, if needed, along with a range of vehicle sizes. 


Here at Speedy Freight, our range of over 4,000 vehicles includes a range of vehicles ranging from our  Luton Vans to our Long-Wheel-Based vehicles and beyond. Speedy Freight also has both single and dual compartment vehicles available: dual compartment vehicles of course allowing for the transportation of different produce at different temperatures in one van. This popular option means that multiple different items can be transported in one vehicle – a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way of operating! 




What sort of industries can a food courier support?


Food couriers can support a huge range of industries – not limited to those we have mentioned! Food couriers can provide support for press and event services, restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels, manufacturers, food retailers, and any other industry where food or meals might be required! Our teams have hub and spoke logistics solutions available, or city runs as required. 



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